If you have an app, a business tool, a SaaS application, a review will go a long way to get you some traction.

There’s no doubt that many of the tools and applications we review (and thousands of others that we don’t or haven’t yet reviewed) are really awesome. Yet, I don’t review all of the tools and apps. In fact, some of them don’t even end up on my “To Do” list.

I’ll admit I am no Techcrunch or ReadWriteWeb. At this point of my blogging journey, Groovywebtools is just a baby and being listed here or not is nothing to be proud of.

One day, it’ll be.

Here a few reasons why that happens:

The tools are beyond Us

Some of the tools can be used only when you have to pay upfront. You see, I am a small guy with limited means and strained resources. If there’s no free trail for a web-based tool or a mobile application, it’s impossible for me to pay up, use the tool, and then review it — as obvious as it can get.

In some other cases, some of the tools might just not be for my readers who are mostly individuals, bloggers, small business owners, and decision-makers for small or medium companies.

Responsive entrepreneurs, brands, and companies always make it

Some entrepreneurs take note of my Twitter messages (who says social media doesn’t work?) or my responses on Quora and contact me (or respond to my messages) giving me beta access or private access to test their tools and applications – needless to say, they are considered and they get on my list immediately. Why you might ask? For one, I have access to their tools so I could use them and write out a detailed review.

Second, they’ve been kind enough to respond. That’s big. It tells me a lot about how “responsive” they are likely to be when someone actually invests in their tool or buys their product.

You do know where I am getting at, don’t you?

Some reviews do get on the list

I am a single person blogging away. Along with my consulting work at Fetchprofits.com and tons of writing work for other clients, it’s hard for me to shore up time for reviews. Technology, however, is my passion. I do take time out for it.

Moreover, I’d like to take my own time when I do a review since I don’t want to miss out on details. When you mash all of these together, you’ll notice that I can’t do five reviews a week. So most tools get on a “list” of “awesome tools”, I must write about. That list will be worked on, every week.

I go by user feedback and not promos

Every tool claims to be awesome. I’ll have to exercise judgment based on my own views on tools and applications. Sometimes, you just don’t need a tool for certain things but there’s a web-based tool for that, nonetheless.

Now that there’s competition and plenty of players in almost every genre of web tools available, it’s hard to actually rate tools since ease of use – as one criterion for instance – is subjective. What’s easy for me might not be easy for my mother. So, I follow my heart. Ask questions. Get feedback. Scout for user remarks on Twitter, Facebook, and Q & A sites such as Focus and Quora.

What do you think? Do you want us to review your app or feature it on our blog? Do give us a shout and let us know.

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