Do you do cold email outreach? Do you hustle everyday, actually taking the courage to email out to complete strangers for sales, guest blogging, influencer marketing, the modern-day PR?

For whatever reason, if you ever wanted to know someone email addresses, we’ve covered plenty of tools already such as Clearbit , for instance.

There are, obviously, plenty of tools available for you to use. Knowing someone’s email address lets you reach out to them — no matter what your needs are. Of course, you’d still have to do it right and you’d have to be non-salesy, smart, and strategic about it.

No likes to receive emails from you, if that email is filled with nothing but “you” and what you get out of it.

With that away, let’s checkout an already popular tool called Hunter

Domain-based search

find emails with domain names

With Hunter, you could just drop in a domain name on the search bar and you’d instantly get a list of emails associated with a domain.

If you could identify email patterns for a company, you can also get the most common email pattern, like

For every search you conduct, you’d also get the sources where the email was fished out from. Just in case you want to ratify or check those sources. If you are lucky, you can also glean additional data like the name, title, phone number or profiles on social networks to identify your targets

Now, the trick is to figure out who you should be sending an email to. If it’s a startup with just 2-10 people working there, a quick search on AngelList or LinkedIn would get you the name you can send emails to.

The only problem is when you throw a domain like HuffingtonPost because you wanted to find the editor. Still, the tool works like a charm and it does what it does well.

Find Emails, Just Like That

Find any email with Hunter

The other way of finding emails is to use the first names, last names, and company names together to find relevant email addresses. If you have an existing database of people’s names and where they work, you could find practically anyone in that company, right?

If the actual domain names are not available or if you can’t guess, just the company name would do. This is a great way to enhance the authenticity of your database or if you plan on full-time data cleaning or data mining.

Verifying emails

Hunter Email Verification

Emails can prove to be expensive when they are sent to wrong people. It might even be flagged off as spam. You don’t want that kind of dirt on your hands.

That’s where Hunter excels with its email verification feature. More than 95% of emails that you’ll find through hunter are instantly verifiable. You could verify a single email or you could verify an entire list of emails in bulk.

The LinkedIn + Hunter Combo

LinkedIn and Hunter

If you use the Hunter Chrome Extension, this is what you’d get. Instead of getting yourself a premium account on LinkedIn to find an email address of your LinkedIn contact, you could just fire up the Hunter button on your LinkedIn and off you go hustling.

Have you used Hunter Yet? Tell me about it.