If you thought that running a business is hard, starting itself is a huge problem for a lot of us. Some of us are lucky enough to born with a bullet in our boots but for a lot of us, the “start” itself is intimidating.

They say that taking action is half the battle won. But to take action, something has to move. Since too many people fail to start or “start right”, what you might need is that you get most things handed over to you in a platter (except success, of course).

Every aspect of start and running a business is a laborous, continuous, and a never-ending tirade of tasks. As such, entrepreneurs are a heckled lot and any of this could be stressful and frustrating.

I run a business, and I just know how it can be. 12-14 hour days, no vacations, and no time off. No weekends, and I can never slack off during the day.

Assuming that you are crazy, however (as I am), where do you start? How do you go about it? Do you start with a 300-page business plan or random scratches on the back of a tissue? What about setup? Legal? Marketing? Processes? Documentation?

Leave all that to HopScratch.

It’s a service (or a DIY platform, depending on how you use it) that helps entrepreneurs and startups get a business “right out of the box”. It helps you register your name, establish your company structure, launch a website, create business cards, and pretty much everything else you’d need to get started.

Bubba Page of Inc writes:

Each “business in a box” is custom tailored to the client and cuts out immense amounts of legwork for budding entrepreneurs. If your style is more hands-on, there are also DIY options available with free to access step-by-step guides for incorporating your business, opening a business bank account, and registering employee identification numbers.

As an entrepreneur, you need to launch fast (maybe because it’ll also do you good to fail fast, if you have to). HopScratch promises to be the ideal to help you customize, start, and launch with everything handled for you meanwhile. It saves time, eliminates hassle, and makes it easy for you to start your business.

What does HopScratch Do?

HopScratch handles:

• Brand names & company names.
Formation of a company
• Opening bank accounts
• Setting you up with Accounting software
• A system for tax reminders and other payments
• Get you a logo, letterheads, a domain name, business cards, a starter website, and more.
• Emails, tools, file store, and more.

Take a look at HopScratch. Do tell us what you think.