You know there are times when you want to hide your Internet-based activities for whatever reason.

There are times when the “private browsing mode” of your browser won’t do and you need a lot more than that.

Affiliate CPA offers sometimes restrict landing page views to only a few countries (like US and UK) and if you are elsewhere, you might not be able to see the landing page. If you are an affiliate with a process to research your CPA or CPS offers before you even consider launching paid campaigns, this could be a stumbling block for you.

Maybe you are in China for a full three months but you can’t access Google or Facebook there. What do you do?

For privacy reasons, you might not want anyone else to ever know what you work on or what you do on the Internet. How do you keep your activities clandestine?

Maybe you want to keep your original IP address masked and replace it with an anonymous one? How about keeping your previous logins, passwords, and banking transactions secure?

You could have any of those reasons or more.

That’s when Hide Me helps. It’s the world’s fastest VPN and it’s one heck of a service with great customer support.

Staying Really Private

While most other VPN tools do log your activities (so, it’s not entirely private now, eh?), Hide Me is the only VPN service or VPN tool that “doesn’t ever log your activities”. Hide Me provides high-security access, encryption (see below), and bank-grade security while you access the Internet from wherever you are.

VPN for Unrestricted Access for Digital Nomads or Roving Executives

If you travel frequently as a busy, traveling executive or if you are a lifestyle entrepreneur (and a digital nomad), chances are that any of the countries you go to might not allow you access websites, apps, and portals the way you get access at home. Using a VPN easily allows you to use the Internet anywhere just as if you were at home.

Unrestricted access to absolutely anything you want.

Research Affiliate Offers

I used HideMe mainly for doing research for my CPA affiliate offers but you could use it for anything. Do research for otherwise inaccessible landing pages of affiliate programs, maybe watch Amazon Prime videos, or get access to ICC Champions Trophy when you are not at home and can’t watch otherwise.

The range of things you could do with just a VPN service is mind boggling. The folks at Hide Me have been compiling a set of technical tutorials for using VPN

HideMe VPN for encryption?

You don’t want snooping eyes, hackers, and anyone else coming down on you. Anytime. Anywhere. Be it at home or abroad. If you ever pay for anything using a credit card or if you have the habit of checking bank accounts or doing transactions much like I do, you better stay private and build a fort-like wall around your activities.

For that, you need encryption. Plus, you shouldn’t have to be a geeky nerd or a rocket scientist to make this happen.

Just use Hide me VPN.

According to the folks at Hide Me,

“Encryption is like the envelope and glue, that makes it harder for intruders to read your conversation and spy on your online activities. VPN is the only tool that provides strong AES256 encryption with a 8192bit key.”

Are you using Hide me for your VPN or any other VPN services you think is worth recommending? Let me know.