Google Analytics is all-powerful, free, and there’s nothing quite as comprehensive and as detailed as the free analytics tool from Google.

It’s the de facto analytics too. It’s what most bloggers, webmasters, businesses, publications, and everyone else resorts to as the first port of call for analytics.

The wealth of information there is unlike any other, and if you were willing to, you can dig deep and find out everything you need to know about your marketing performance.

But, let’s admit it: while everyone should and could dig deep into analytics, sometimes you just don’t need to. While Google recently overhauled the dashboard and made it really easy to find the data you really need right after login, you might just need an even simpler tool to get the exact data you need.

Also, logging in every day, digging through piles of data you can’t make sense of, and having to scrounge sheets and reams of data aren’t pleasant.

HackerMetrics comes right in at that point. It’s designed to make data simple, easy, and fun to understand. It’s what you get when you dress up Google Analytics and rip off the weight it comes with.

HackerMetrics gives you real-time analytics for your website or app with just a single click. You also have the option to receive daily or weekly email digests filled with metrics you need.

Your real-time reports give you an accurate representation of how far your digital marketing efforts are performing, how much traffic you get, a representative set of your goals and e-commerce performance.

hackermetrics sample data

What that means for you, busy entrepreneurs is that with one-click, you setup everything you need and prime up for data you can digest. No configuring dashboards. No spinning wheels trying to create reports.

Did I mention that what you get finally with HackerMetrics is incredibly beautiful (#dataisbeautiful) , satisfying (because I am a data hungry marketer), and is available everywhere (including Apple Watch – now, that got me very excited, I tell you)?

The best part is that HackerMetrics doesn’t store any of your Google Analytics data – it just gives you a better way to view, manage, and control the data you seek.

Checkout HackerMetrics, signup for the free account, and tell me what you think about it.