GoSquared Review
How successful you are with business is a matter of how well you know your numbers. For most of us, it always begins with Google Analytics, and there’s no question that the free analytics tool from Google is the best thing you can ever get for your money.

So, you do have Google Analytics, and there are at least four other analytics tools you can swear by.

For some of us though, something is amiss.

Maybe you just need what Google Analytics gives you but create for simplicity? Perhaps you don’t want to live another day having to see your traffic figures bloating up thanks to Analytics spam?

That’s where you need simplicity, accuracy, and style. GoSquared gives you just that.

What is GoSquared?

I am not that well-settled with my blog that I can afford to see analytics once a month. I can’t even wait for the numbers each week. I need to see my numbers anytime. When I want to.

If there’s action on my site right now, I want to be able to witness the action.

As on Feb 2016, we are celebrating 10 years of GoSquared and that tells you how far they’ve come. Here’s the Timeline for GoSquared’s growth story.

GoSquared is you go-to tool if you obsessed wit real-time analytics.

If you take the “real-time” part of Google analytics, give it some super powers, you get GoSquarred.

Simple, But Powerful Real-time Analytics

GoSquared Analytics Dashboard

Simplicity and sophistication are key here, and the analytics tool focuses on just three things: site traffic monitoring, trends, and people.

If you are an ecommerce site, membership site, a SaaS product (with daily live sessions pulled by your members) or even just a blog (like this one), you get to see daily traffic, trends (how many visits until now Vs How many visits, page views, etc., for the same period previously, and more.

You can also track events, people (complete with their information). Everything happening on your website right now are performing in real-time compared to same period previously.

Event Tracking & Monitoring

At the time of writing this, I haven’t used Event Analytics yet.

Note: to get this to work, there’s a wee bit of coding involved. You’ll need some professional help. Alternatively, you can talk to someone on the GoSquared team for help.

GoSquared, however, makes it easy to see how your key metrics trend over time.
Events, for GoSquared, goes another mile long when it comes to understanding user behaviour on your site.

Instead of just numbers, you’ll also get to see what people do. Events are defined as any action users take on your website. You get that by implementing Event Tracking

Here’s how GoSquared explains event tracking, with an example:

A simple example scenario where implementing event tracking may be beneficial is to track the number of clicks on a download button on your site. With pageview tracking, you can see the total number of visitors who reach this page but event tracking enables you to see precisely how many users are clicking on the button. If you had multiple download buttons on a page, you would be able to track which buttons are being clicked.

Twitter Monitoring + Site Referrals Built in

GoSquared Twitter Integration
Alongside all the metrics you need, plug your Twitter account in, and you’ll also see your own Twitter stream. See relevant tweets along with your web metrics. Know who’s talking about you and respond to them right away.

Also, you’ll be able to see which sites refer traffic to you, instantly. You’ll know when the comments you left on another blog are now sending in traffic. You’ll know which social channel sends people your way.

Engagement, In Numbers

Time spent on site? That’s cool, but it doesn’t tell you the complete story, does it? Minor on-page activity. Know who’s reading, who’s scrolling, who’s consuming your content, and who arrived but never left the site.

Of course, you get session length, max scroll depth, number of pages for each session, bounce rates, and each visitors’ engaged time ( regardless of how many pages they view).

GoSquared Engagement Reports

Your content: Is it Hot or Not?

With GoSquared, you get to see which of your pages are hot, in real time. Your content is shared, visited, and consumed — you’ll always know everything about each individual page, products, articles, blog posts, and even your “Contact” page.

You now have a chance to maximise on your content’s popularity, when it matters the most: that’s like, right now.

Free Resources? Who doesn’t want that

Knowledge is what sets you apart from your competition, apart from what you actually do with what you learn and implement today.

Without actually signing up for an account, you also have access to GoSquared’s thoughtfully curated set of resources such as Analytics 101 for startups, Ecommerce trends, plugins, and cheatsheets [Subscription required]

Integrations, Galore

You can bring in some of your most used tools such as Drip, Mailgun, ZenDesk, Slack, Mandrill, Olark, Segment, MailChimp, and SendGrid to truly bring analytics onto a single dashboard. Plus, you also have Zapier integration possible (which means you can literally plug GoSquared to any other platform, absolutely).

Your third-party data begins to make more sense now, wouldn’t it?

Try GoSquared to see if it’s the right fit for you. I have a nightly feeling you’ll be thrilled.