Google Primer

Struggling to learn all about marketing? Do you suffer from conflicting advice on absolutely any tom, dick, jane, and harry who claim to be “digital marketing experts”? I call myself that too, and I’d understand if you feel the same way.

The Internet is full of information all right, but little do you know about the authenticity of that information unless you actually spend money and go through the motions of actually hiring digital marketing agencies or experts.

If they are half as good as they claim to be, you’d be able to get your worth. Sadly, most agencies are shit. Anyone with a computer is a digital marketing expert (self-proclaimed, obviously).

Especially where I come from (India):

There are PPC agencies that force clients to come up with visuals, ad copies, and landing pages (What they heck are they doing?)

There are SEO agencies that don’t do blogging, content, or content marketing (What’s SEO really?)

Web design agencies still build websites with dreamweaver and deliver huge sliders above the fold.

That said,

Lack of Good info is Bewildering

You do have some amazing, trustworthy sources for digital marketing, and I’ll go on record with that statement. There’s Rand Fish’s Moz, Search Engine Land, and Search Engine Watch. There’s KissMetrics, and there’s Unbounce.

For Paid Advertising, the only source of really good information is PPC Hero (because everyone else is just spewing out PPC news, like Google Plans to Overhaul Adwords and stuff like that).

Google’s Adwords Blog has long been a great resource for everything PPC. But then, it’d be nice to hear from the horses’ mouth: a lot more meatier, modulated, course-like information dispensing mechanism, anyone?

Google Primer Changes All That

And that came: Say hello to Google Primer. An iOS and Android app that curates courses and delivers them to you in small chunks, reminding me of “Learning cards” or “Flash Cards”.

Google Primer

Google Primer features lessons, courses, information, tips, cheatsheets, and a lot more in areas such as Strategy, Measurement (Analytics), Content, and Advertising. It’s a pilot project from Google and obviously there’s not much on the app right now (but I am sure there’s going to be).

You can also take these courses or learn on the go even when you are offline (Now, how cool is that?). Finally, the downtime waiting at the airport doesn’t have to be wasted after all.

Make your smartphone teach you. Go here and see what Google Primer is all about

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