Getting Leads

There’s human inaction and there’s human interaction. From a strict business point of view, the former doesn’t make money while the latter is the key to successful marketing.

Most websites can do better with some live action. When visitors come visiting, let there be a few sweet nothings. It doesn’t hurt.

Plus, it might just help you in getting leads.

You don’t have to be a coding ninja to get a live chat Widget up on your home page or landing pages. You just have to drop a line of Javascript code perhaps. Thanks to all the tools like Intercom, LiveChat, and Chatrify, you are just five minutes away from pouring life into your entire marketing mix.

Note: Leads come later, and generating leads shouldn’t be what you should be chasing. Instead, look to build relationships. When you start chatting, get to know your customers well. Now, with that out of the way, here’s how you can get leads from live chat.

First Impressions? Be Happy

Surprisingly, businesses tend to think happiness is for teenagers or retirees. Businesses somehow get away with grumpy attitudes, and over-the-top behaviour. They call it “Business like”, you know?

No, we don’t know that. What we do know is that we need more happy people attending to us than what we now have. LiveChat agents already have a huge issue with “not” having an opportunity to meet customers in flesh.

Chat windows can impersonal, cold, and subject to fluctuating internet connections. Don’t add grumpiness to that.

See what WPEngine does. I am yet to see a happier group of support staff and pre-sales folks in my entire 12 years of being online.

Wondering how this applies to getting leads? Why not try being grumpy and get leads instead?

Ask and Suggest

Mark Kilns of HubSpot writes about the 6 principles of consultative selling and he has this basic question you’d have to answer:

How do you sell?

Consultative selling’s six principles are as follows:

  • Research

  • Ask

  • Listen

  • Teach

  • Qualify

  • Close

I’d go as far as to say, go several notches up the “consultative selling” notion too. The first step of your sales process should be to listen.

Research later. Teach when the opportunity comes through. Qualify leads when they fit your customer persona. Close when you can.

To start with, just listen. There’s nothing more real-time, quick, and conducive to listen to your online customers that Live chat tools.

Solve Problems

When customers get to your website, it’s highly likely that they have a burning itch somewhere. There’s something on their mind that needs to be solved. I remember doing just that many times. I am sure you do it too. A few companies do have live chat software installed but the agents have a single three goals: Sell. Sell. Sell.

I am not buying from you until you convince me that you have the solution I need. I can’t convince my partners to invest until you sweat it out and solve my problem for me. You got to listen first (point one) and solve my problem.

Tell me something that soothes me. Erase my misapprehensions. Broaden my thinking. Enlighten me.


Some Live Chat tools allow you to send out the complete transcript of the chat that just happened between you and your potential customer. Some don’t.

Either way, get a system in place that can always send an automated email follow up thanking customers for their time. Maybe you can ask for feedback within the same email. Keep this line of communication open (MailChimp has conversations enabled, for instance) and let customers write back.

If you want to measure the efficacy of doing just followups after every chat, enter these contacts on CRM and track.

You’ll be surprised.

Predict, if you can

A few LiveChat tools like Chatrify have features using which you can predict what the customer is about to type (instead of just some fine print that lets you know that a customer is typing). Some of these features are like superhero powers. You now get to almost read what’s on the customers’ mind.

In turn, that helps you prepare. If you see an objection coming, you can have the answers ready. If you have customers typing in about a competitor, you know what to say next.

Forget getting leads before any of the above points are etched into the culture of your business. LiveChat tools can’t make customers fall in love with your business, all by themselves.

Can they?