Note: This is an infographic by Dave Mooring — marketing specialist, Founder and President of BurlapSky,SuperSimpl, a professional services marketing consultancy, and co-founder of the Business Growth Network and the North Carolina Podcasting Meetup.

Get more leads for website

Most websites are built almost as if there was no other reason for the website to be up, than just be up. It makes me cringe to see so many small business websites being set up but most of those websites don’t work the way they should.

Your website should:

  • Help build your brand
  • Make a statement about you or your business
  • Get more leads
  • Help nurture those leads
  • Build relationships with your existing and potential clients
    and also prove to be a hub full of insights, knowledge, and your unique take on whatever it is that your business is about.

It’s one thing that websites should get more leads (and Dave’s Infographic shares great tools you can use to help aid your efforts).

Generating leads today is different from the way it was when Mr.Ford came to town.

Today, it’s really about people, about those personal connections, and about how well you nurture your customers.

Too many businesses are stuck with the plague of “Short-termism” as Kevin Gibbons of BlueGlass writes.

As I wrote on medium, the other day:
Blog today, become a WSJ tommorrow.
One guest post on a DA 30 site, and where is my traffic?Eh?
We are on social, so where is the ROI?
If we give you $50, will you build a fantastic website that works, looks, and functions like Facebook?
Can you get us 15,000 fans on Facebook for $10 please?
We published on Medium too, but no one reads our stuff. Why? Why? We made sure we wrote all the corporate gobbledegook from the top MBA execs in our company. You know, the Harvard types?
Why don’t we spam the heck out of the inboxes in the world and see what we get?
So, if I start PPC campaigns today, and send them straight to our website (who cares about landing pages?), how much will we make? How much? How much? How much? How much?
I thought I should extend that thought.
I am afraid I am losing business, sanity, opportunities, and a chance to do meaningful work for clients.
I don’t get to do it because they won’t let me.
They want results from “organic digital marketing” on the day they launch their first blog post.
Doing SEO? Cool, so will I be on Google’s top page tomorrow?
Why do organic? I don’t care. Why don’t we just push those ads on people’s faces?
What’s wrong with Spam?
Why don’t we buy social fans and followers?

Enough said.

Slow down, take your business growth month on month and stop looking for quick results. Even Apple and Facebook didn’t grow as quick as you want to.