According to this Infographic for TechInfographics, Twitter boasts a whopping 320 million active users, 500 million tweets sent per day, and over 100 million users log in daily.

It also happens to be the 3rd biggest social media traffic driver while an average Twitter user spends about 170 minutes online.

Now, that’s some space, time, and attention you certainly want a piece of.

Twitter is awesome for making connections, getting to know people, to find things to “Tweet at or Tweet on”, to help grow your online presence, for branding impressions, and for building a following of people who follow you because you are awesome.

If you just did what you had to do on Twitter, however, it’s a father long, slow, and arduous process to actually grow and make an impact. It’d be nice if there was a way for you to do it by being a bit smarter.

Flauntt holds true to its name. It’s called Flauntt because you can actually “flaunt” some of the best content you’ve written and have others share it for you, because “sharing is caring”, right?

Flauntt uses a credit system where every user – that is you — needs to have 30 credits or so to drop your own URL for others to share. The way you earn credits is to share others’ links inside Flauntt.

flauntt example

The way it works is that you’d the more you share, the more credits you get. The more credits you have, the more of your own links you can drop that others will share.

It might remind you of one those of traffic systems that’d promise to drive traffic to your web pages in the late 90s?

Except that Flauntt works on the social element, and is voluntary.

The day I started using I started getting a trickle of traffic (not much, as of now, since I could only manage to put up a single link).

I see tremendous potential with Flauntt as a great way to let others notice you, amplify your Twitter presence, and get some traction going for your Twitter account.

Go ahead, check out Flauntt (it’s free), and tell me what you think.