Business is all about prospecting. It’s about finding potential customers, engaging with them, nurturing their relationships up to a point until they buy (and then buy some more). But who exactly is your customer? How do you find them? What do you do exactly to zoom in on the exact set of customers who are most likely to buy from you?

For that, you’d need something like Find that lead — and it does exactly what the name suggests. Signup for FindThatLead, fill-in-the-blanks, and the tool gives you an instant list of customers (complete with their names and email addresses) that you can reach out to.

Recently, the folks at FindthatLead also launched “Prospector” — a cool way to find an instant list of hot prospects ( all of whom match the inputs you’d give before you churn out a list like that).

When you login to FindThatLead, you’ll get everything you need to find your prospect lists, right inside the dashboard. You get a lead manager, the prospector, a CSV upload tool, a web-based lead search function along with a domain search function.

You also get social URL search, Whois lookup, and an email verifier.

Using Findthatlead Prospector

Of all the things you could do, the “prospector” holds real promise (and it functions more or less like LinkedIn but the database is expanded and goes beyond LinkedIn obviously).

Find That Lead Prospector

You can conduct searches by location, company industry, company names, and company sizes. Also, you get the ability to narrow down your searches by job titles and member skills.

All of the above are “filters” that you can use to define your prospect lists and once you do, FindthatLead Prospector goes to work to get you a list of people (matching criteria you set above).

I did a simple search, and here’s what I got.

As you can see, FindThatLead prospector is a quick and efficient way to find leads for your business.

Put the data in and get the list of prospects out.

Tell me what you think?