Yesterday, I wrote about storm-up and how you can make changes to any website by just uploading a single piece of code. What I didn’t realize was that there’s already competition in this space and that there are many more options for you to choose from.

One of those other ways you make changes to any website — independent of the platform your website is on — is by using Finch.

With Finch, you can:

Push pixels. Tweak designs

Regardless of the website you want to make changes to, just start using Finch and make the changes you want to deploy.

You get the Finch app itself and you also have a chrome extension. Use any of these ways to push live changes to the website.

Collaborate, without going back and forth

Instead of suggesting changes to your designers or developers and waiting for them to respond back (and doing this over and over again), leave inputs and feedback in real-time or do the changes yourself leaving it open for your team to review.

You get a live link for preview that you can share privately or openly. You and your team can make unlimited changes. Finch also gives you the option to monitor progress and track changes.

In case you want to make the changes and export the CSS files, you very well can.

Go live when you are done

Once you are done making all your changes, just push the website live. As mentioned before, you can also export the CSS code. This allows you to avoid the frustration that comes with having to integrate code iterations to your original website code (just imagine how much of a nightmarish experience you avoid just thanks to this single feature)

Finch is a great way for you start making changes to your website when you want to.

They have a 14 day free trial. Go play with it.