zoho notebook

Frankly, nothing beats Evernote. There are no Evernote alternatives.

Is that true?

Granted that there are now many tools – including Google Notes and iOS Notes — that have as much functionality as Evernote does. There are tons of ways to organize your thoughts, notes, and ideas today. It’s just that Evernote does it much better than anything else out there in the market.

Plus, features such as Password Lock (which is now available to free accounts too), encryption, and the fact that Evernote now also integrates with Google Drive makes the tool more indispensable than ever.

Ever so often, however, there comes along a tool that could perhaps work as a great alternative to Evernote.

One such web-based notebook tool is Zoho Notebook.

Here’s a one-liner: Zoho Notebook can almost do everything that Evernote does, except that it’s not green and doesn’t have the elephant icon on it.

But Zoho Notebook is visually rich, boasts of a much more granular detail, displays notes and checklists (along with notebooks and stacks) in a very visual and appealing way.

You can collect notes along with images, take audio notes, tape conversations, record lectures, and maybe even voice out your thoughts while driving or cycling.

Create checklists or to-do lists, capture interesting photos that you want to hold on to forever.

There are many differences between Zoho Notebook and Evernote, and the most striking of these differences is the way notes, audio files, attachments, and captured information is treated.

Regular notes are more elegant and colorful while still being clutter-free. Each note is given a random color so that when you view them together, you see a grid like, colorful, and vibrant interface. Notebook covers are custom-designed Zoho’s in-house team.

For views, Zoho Notebook allows you grid-style and landscape views, along with the ability to pinch notes to group them together. Or maybe you want to collapse your notes like accordion.

Audio notes, for instance, can also be created off your Apple Watch. These audio notes are treated as cards (looks and feels like an audio file played of an audio player app).

Apart from all the visual treatment that Zoho Notebook offers, you also get a mobile device friendly interface (for smartphones and tablets). You can flick, pinch, zoom, and make notes stick to each other like magnets.

With colors and the ability to move notes around the Interface, you can organize your ideas notes better.

Notes and stacks react to your touch and even the fonts change depending on the primary color you choose for the note.

Finally, you do get the cloud sync that you need between devices. Your notes are stored in a safe environment and are available from any of your unlimited devices for free (Evernote meanwhile will set you back $34.99 per year).

The best part? Zoho Notebook is completely free. No pay. Just like that.

Did you use Zoho Evernote? What do you have to say about that?