Edgerank Checker

Would a business, an individual blog, a non-profit, or a community page “dare” stay away from Facebook?

Apparently not.

According to Zephoria, there are over 1.59 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Like and share buttons are viewed on over 10 million websites daily. As on 2013, over 4.5 billion likes are generated on Facebook daily, and about 5 new profiles are created every second.

Ever wondered what happens if a Facebook user sends out a message?

Facebook cooks up 125 billion friend connections, boasts of 300 million photos uploaded, and averages 3.2 billion likes and comments.

Inevitably then, you’ll need a Facebook Fan Page (and probably, you have one right now).

Given that it’s free to set-up, you have no excuse “not” to have one right away. Assuming you set-up a Facebook Fan Page, how do you know about its performance? That’s where EdgeRank Checker comes in.

Edgerank Checker Explained

I can’t define it better than SocialBakers (Edgerank Checker is their tool, for heaven’s sake).

I quote:

“EdgeRank is an algorithm that ranks objects in the Facebook News Feed. Pages with high EdgeRank Scores will be more likely to show up in the news feed, than Pages with low EdgeRank Scores.”

Based on three variables: affinity, Weight, and Time Decay Edgerank calculates a score – among other things – that lets you know how your facebook Fan Page performs.

Affinity is about how a user relates to your page, its content, etc. Weight has to do with the actual content itself – such as a text post, link, image, etc.

Time Delay is about aging – how old is your message? Unlike wine, older messages on Facebook vanish from the face of Facebook, and hence from the minds of your fans.

EdgeRank has its own algorithm that crunches, bench presses, and gives you insights about your Fan Page performance.

The Awesomeness starts here

Based on the industry type your business relates to, Edgerank Checker aggregates and analyzes data and pitches your Fan Page against these numbers to show you where you stand, comparatively.

By industry averages, I mean that EdgeRanker checks for page update frequencies, post types, time of the day, etc.

Did you post? Now, it’ll be graded

If you spent time posting on Facebook, it makes sense to see how well it performs, doesn’t it?

Facebook Marketers now have a way to analyze posts, get insights, and work on their posts to get more juice per post. Also called as “post grading”, Edgerank Checker doles out grades to each post ranging from an excellent A to a “You-know-what-it-means” F.

Compete with yourself. . Check with your performance over a previous timeframe (like last month) and see how well you are doing. EdgeRank grades based on 8 specific points such as lifetime, virality, engagement, timing, etc.

Just numbers won’t do, would they? Get expert help

No, you don’t need to sit with a consultant to know what to do with those numbers.

EdgeRanker has this covered with its page recommendations feature. Based on the numbers, analyses, and the data it culled out for you, it’ll recommend the best times of the day to post, what type of media gets maximum traction for your business (remember the industry trends?), how often you should update your Facebook Fan Page, and a lot more.

Brand management, simplified

Facebook fan pages are not used to sell; they are used to prime up your brand and your community engagement. When Fans like you, they really “like” you and they stand by to hear more from you.

EdgeRanker is a web-based tool that helps you to “listen”, to “tune in” and to “respond” appropriately. The score is not just a number, it’s the sum total of what your fans think about you.

You like Instant? You got it

More recently, Edgerank announced a new, real-time facebook Analytics feature that’ll blow your mind off. I loved how Google Analytics real time worked, and then came real-time analytics from GoSquared and now, with EdgeRanks new real-time Facebook Analytics, I get it working for Facebook Fan Pages too.

The new feature gives you an overall activity report, feedback (negatives and positives), viral lift, stats on recent posts, and much more.

The greatest addition to the Facebook family was our own Facebook Fan Page.[just kidding, and it’s a shameless plug]