It’s hard to be a freelancer, a creative, an artist, or a self-employed contractor. But it’s also a rewarding career that provides you with benefits like location independence, a chance to be on your own, start your own business with low overheads, and freedom from a 9-6 lifestyle.

One of the key requirements for creative (writers, designers, etc), has been to showcase their portfolio. Now, you have the likes of Behance – but it’s not in your control. Also, Behance’s portfolio pages are fixed in style or layouts so you don’t get much creative freedom with how you showcase your portfolio.

Often, a website is too much of an ask when all you ever needed was a way to showcase your work and nothing else.

That’s when Dunked helps. Featuring a simple UI, Dunked is one of the best ways out there to let the world see your work. Setting up your portfolio, editing it, or updating it is a breeze with Dunked and you’d only have to see a few portfolio examples to make sense of what I am talking about.

Dunked Portfolio Example 1
There are many approaches, tools, and ways to showcase your portfolio but Dunked is, by far, the best. The simplicity and customization it provides are unbeatable. Needless to say, your portfolio pages on Dunked are responsive and ready for retina displays.

When you start with Dunked, you’ll pick a theme and you have an ever-growing list of themes you could choose from. If and when you choose, you can also switch themes – all of which are simple and beautiful.

Dunked Portfolio Example 2

You then have a choice to upload images from your computer or Flickr. You also have options to upload videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Soundcloud and 500x are other options available.

You can change the layout, typography, and colors as you please (with Dunked’s simple editing tool).

If you can’t wait to super customize everything, you can also tweak HTML and CSS to give your portfolio the exact look you want to achieve.