DropBox productivity Tools

Most of us use DropBox and it goes without saying that it’s probably one of the most important, crucial, and popular file storing and document sharing service out there. The cherry on top with good products today is that they just keep getting better.

Dropbox now brings a ton of productivity features that now let you do a lot more now. You could say that Dropbox could very well work as good as Evernote – at least it looks like that for now.

For starters, you can capture ideas as and when possible for you, especially when you are on the move.

You can scan files and upload them and create new Microsoft Office files, straight off your phone. You can also use document scanning (much like Evernote does) to turn your tissue-paper business plans, hurried scribbles, and coffee-shop minutes of the meeting into digital documents stored on your DropbBox, right away.

You could dedicate and connect designated folders on your computer or laptop and let cloud syncing take over, and that’s always been Dropbox’s strength. You can continue to do that but with a twist: you can also share entire folders, files, or documents with anyone, right from your desktop.

With file requests, others can share their work with you. Collect all the files you need in a single folder and no one would be able to have access to this folder except you. Safe collaboration, anyone?

A Dropbox badge will also show you complete version history, about who’s working on files in real-time, and allows you to avoid duplication.

For a long time now, Microsoft users have had issues with real-time working features (although you do have Microsoft 360). Dropbox Productivity now features Microsoft Co-authoring so multiple users can now work on each file, in real-time.

Plus, you also have the possibility of giving, sharing, and getting back on files as they happen. You can actually preview excel, Photoshop, and PowerPoint files even if you don’t have the actual programs installed.

Dropbox is now even better with rock-solid reputation, version history, online collaboration, secure sharing, desktop folder sharing, anywhere file scanning, documentation, and more.

Have you used the new Dropbox’s productivity features? Tell me about it.