dragon naturally speaking
If you have been on the Internet, you are usually typing all day long. While it’s the most natural way to use the computer, a very critical input type has been missing for a long time with the simple assumption that if there’s a computer, you’d type.

Typing, however, isn’t good. It’s slow, it’s error prone, and it causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

It’s also a labor-intensive way to create content of any kind. If you are in business today, you are possibly creating a lot of content. All that typing can kill, if it doesn’t make you wary of typing that is.

That’s why it makes sense to use software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking from Nuance. As it is with most popular software solutions, Dragon has evolved. The latest Dragon 13 lets you dictate documents, search the web, create emails, and also create any kind of content you’d look to create.

As an entrepreneur or even an individual user, you’d have to write a lot. Executives, self-employed professionals, and possibly all entrepreneurs today have to write. That means they’d have to use computers. It’s really a wrist-wrecking job to write so much.

As Carol Roth of Entrepreneur.com notes, writing with your mouth is a great way to get more done, boost your productivity, and increase your output. That makes the case for reliable, accurate, and easy to use dictation software.

Here’s what you can do with Dragon 13:

Create social updates

Whether you are in business or not, you are likely to be on social media. As a business owner, it’s imperative that you get on social to get the word out, to gain traction, to engage, and to build real relationships. None of that is going to happen in a day.

As you post updates, your social engagement and traction grows everyday. There’s just one problem: it takes too much time. Instead of typing out your updates, use Dragon Naturally Speaking v13 to build out your social updates. You can even use the bulk upload features that tools like HootSuite provide for much faster and more planned approach to social media.

Create workflows, Reports and spreadsheets

Take your hands off all those time-consuming reports, workflows, documents you need to create at work, and a hundred other things you do.

Whether your role is to create or analyze reports and all other kinds of data, you’d do better to just talk to those numbers. Since Dragon 13 software embeds itself into your workflow, all you have to do is to talk and get things done.

Tame the email monster

Kate Bratskeir of Huffington Post declares that over 13 hours (that’s about 28% of your work week) is spent on email alone. Another McKinsey and Global Institute Study reveals that reading and answering email takes up 28% of your time. Meanwhile, searching and gathering information takes up another 19%. Communicating and collaborating with teams swallows another 14% of your time, and your role-specific tasks eat up another 39% of your time.

Want to save all that time? Refuse to budge to the demands email makes on your time. Go Inbox zero, of course, but you’ll still have to work with email and you can do that with words.

Do digital marketing in style

We all know how hard it is to create content, all the time, without ever stopping. If you had to type everything, you know you only have limited keystrokes.

Individuals, self-employed professionals, and businesses are all creating content on the web, for various reasons. Each person benefits from virtual presence – one way or the other. Individuals are looking for jobs while the self-employed and business owners or marketers are looking for new businesses, engage on social, create email marketing campaigns, or do blogging for their respective businesses.

For all of that content that you’d need to create, you’d do better with an easier and much more productive way to do digital marketing.

Why, you ask?

Digital marketing is all about content. Use dictation software and plug it into your workflow to enhance your productivity and not let “marketing” feel like marketing.

Do you use Dragon Naturally Speaking? Have you checked out the all new dictation software? Tell me all about it.

Note: this entire post was dictated