If you were publishing more than a dozen blog posts in a single day, and if social media was anywhere as important to you as it should be today, you know what a pain it can be to keep track of your own posts as they publish and then share them on social media.

Incorporate Rand Fish’s advice  on how to boost your blog traffic and you’ll see that again, you know that social has a long way to go and it’s not just sharing freshly minted posts. Plus, there’s the talk about community building and you’d need as many ways to boost your following and general social footprint as you can.

On social, your focus should be on building a community. Get into real, engaging conversations, and actually get to know people (at a scale). If you were to do all that, you will never have the time to just sit and track which of those posts you’ve written is going to go live and whether or not you should now share them on your social networks, the first.

Then the second time, and then the third. Then, forever.

That’s why, you use Dlvr.it. Ramon Ray of Smarthustle swears by it and I can’t have enough of it.

What does Dlvr it do?

Dlr It helps you automate your publishing and the social bridging that you’d need on the basic level. No, it doesn’t do anything fancy like Zapier of even IFTTT is capable of, but it does one thing, and it accomplishes that very well.

dlvr it

Nothing extra, nothing fancy. It takes your blog feed and allow you to connect your feed to your social accounts. Once you are set and done, your blog posts show up on social networks each time you publish (without you having to do it).

For GroovyWebTools, we publish about 2-3 posts a day and you can very well see how Dlvr.it saves us from the drudgery of waking up in the middle of the night just to see if our posts have gone live and whether or not we managed to share the posts on social.

Dlvr It Stats

Every day, you also get to see the stats on your published (and delivered posts). Each week, you also get an email to let you know about all the action on your posts, across the social networks you’ve connected.

dlvr it stats

and this is how the dlvr it stats in email will look like:

dlvr it stats email

More of Dlvr it

All of what I wrote above is for free. For pro users, you get custom link shorteners,content distribution services (Dlvr it calls your content “stories”). You get the ability to connect more blogs or websites with an accompanying increase in the number of social channels you can connect.

Pro plans of Dlvr it also allow you to connect other team members and get some collaborative action going.

Have you tried Dlvr it yet? Tell me all about it.