For small businesses and startups, everything matters when you are just starting.

It’s imperative that you’d need a great (or at least decent presence on the web), and that in turn starts with a logo.

You’d need that logo for your web presence, for your social profiles, for you business cards, and for practically everything else.

I’ll tell you this: unless your business name is Apple or something just as big, you don’t need heavy custom work that requires a Graphic designer.

For most purposes, online logo builders, DIY options, and graphic design software will suffice.

You have amazing tools available today to help you accelerate your brand presence but now, there’s a new kid on the block called DesignEvo.

As of now, DesignEvo is completely free to use and download your logo. After creating your logo, you’ll get various versions of the logo files (.jpeg and .png) and you’ll also get a transparent version of your logo.

Getting a transparent version of your logo is a big one since practically every other logo generation tool charges you for that alone. I am pretty sure DesignEvo will eventually have some sort pricing made available.

For now, however, it’s free. Also, I just launched a landing page template store  on Shopify and I used DesignEvo to create a logo.

I don’t even remember signing up to be able to use DesignEvo, let alone pay for anything.

In 15 minutes flat, I was ready with the logo and I launched the new online store on Shopify in less than half a day.

Welcome to the new way of launching a business, eh?

Try out DesignEvo. Let me know what you think?