crowdfire app
Let me get this out to you straight. I don’t care who unfollows me on Twitter. I do care about those who follow though.

As far as curiosity goes though, for a long time now, I’ve been looking for a way to know who unfollows me on Twitter, and I know there are a lot of people who do. I did everything you shouldn’t be doing on Twitter instead of doing what the Twitter champions do, and so you know why some people unfollow me, don’t you?

It happened by chance but when it happened, which helped because that’s when I stumbled on Crowdfire (Previously JustUnfollow) – a tool that reveals who unfollow/follow you. It also has a cool feature where you can pay and be featured (a good way to shore up followers), it allows you to follow your fans back, manage multiple Twitter accounts, copy others’ followers, and much more.

Signing up is a matter of allowing good to happen

The sign-up is done in “Twitter” fashion, Crowdfire will ask for your permission to connect to your Twitter account (you should be signed into Twitter with that account you want crowdfire to connect to), and it does the rest: it does a clean sweep of your account, imports all data into its lap, and you’ll immediately see – in tabs, that reminded me of the good old Tweet Deck (is it dead, by the way?).

Glide through those decks to see where you stand – who doesn’t follow you (but there seems to be a connection) those who unfollowed you, your new fans who now follow you, Inactive followers, and many other cool features.

Note: Crowdfire is not a bulk unfollow tool (that’s dirty spam), it allows you to choose who you should follow and those accounts that you don’t want to.

One Dashboard, Multiple uses

For the free account, you’d have limits on how many twitter users you can unfollow or clean up inactive followers, etc. Upgrade to premium and your limits vanish.

Simplicity has a bit of sexiness about it, don’t you think? I use a Mac. So, one swipe for me gets me all I need to know. With simple, red and green “follow” and “unfollow” buttons, a few clicks per day should do the trick – call it one-minute maintenance.

Here’s how the dashboard looks like for each of its functions:


You got fans

There’s a fun part within Crowdfire called “Fans”. Apparently, you have fans on Twitter and who knew, right? You could be following some of them. Most probably, you aren’t following these people who apparently have an eye out for you.

This is a great way for you to actually see who likes and follow them instead of showing love elsewhere where it’s not even reciprocated.

Unfollow and Go clutter free

One of the best things about Crowdfire app is the ease with which you can unfollow people (limited to 100 people per day on the free account). Review and delete, and it can’t get simpler than that. In a few days, your Twitter account could be relatively clutter free with a real community full of people who matter to you the most.

With the free account, you get access to only one Twitter account. If you have multiple accounts like I do, you’d have to upgrade to one of the paid plans.