We humans have always been visual. Now, the web is going visual tool. With the growing importance of businesses having to take to social media, to blog regularly, and to maintain the outgo of information, taking the visual route is now more important than ever.

Visuals make information stick. They job the memory lane easier for your visitors and readers. Honestly, visuals make information look sexy.

Visuals make an impact. They let your readers and visitors assimilate information quickly, as this infographic would convince you.

Tim More of The Next Web writes,

“Effective visuals are extremely powerful when used correctly to communicate an appropriate message. Although visuals are a great communication medium because they lend themselves to creative freedom, remember to always stay on board with your company message and create and spread content that reflects your brand. An offbeat video or inappropriate photo posted with a company status update can do more harm than no visual content at all. ”

Fear not, you don’t need professional graphic designers for everyday graphic design use such as creating graphics for social media, your email campaigns, or for your blog posts.

Agreed that we have Canva as a professional tool for non-graphic designers. You could do absolutely anything with Canva.

But then, it doesn’t hurt to have options, right?

Crello is close in competition with Canva. It looks, feels, and works like Canva does minus the graphics, charts, and animations that Canva now comes with.

Headover to Crello, signup with your Google email, jump right in and create your first social media graphic (a Facebook post? A Twitter update, a Pinterest Image, or an Instagram post — you name it).

Unlike Canva — for which you’d either have to pay for a few individual graphic assets as you use them or you’d have to pay a monthly fee or both — Crello makes tons of photos, templates, and graphic designs available for free (I just don’t know how long they’d keep it that way).

Crello also has lines, shapes, illustrations, icons, and stickers to make your web visuals pop. It looks like an amazing alternative to Canva, a reliable backup for web visual graphics in case you need one.

Check Crello out and tell me what you think.