At the time of writing this, it’s getting harder than ever to make sales happen. There’s the ever-growing resistance to sales(because no one likes being sold to), and there’s the fact that customers have options.A prospective customer arrives on your site and expresses interest in your application, product or service. Then, more often than not, time is lost.

You take the time to arrange for a demonstration of your product or service. Or prospective customers don’t show up even after arranging to meet at a particular time for you to demo your product.

All this is a reality in modern-day sales scenario, as much as it was in any sales scenario.

With all the resistance, things that could go wrong, or for all the things that might not work, you need to streamline this process as much as possible.

More importantly, you need to cut down the time needed to demonstrate your product or service.

Timing is everything when it comes to nurturing web leads. According to HubSpot, reaching out to your leads within an hour generates &X the conversions.

Crankwheel promises to do just that by shortening the time it takes to help close sales by provisioning a way for you to demo your product or service immediately: get prospects on call, do a screen share, or do remote meetings quickly, regardless of the devices your prospects use and without your prospects having to download some new software.

You can have all the goodness of conversational lead capture forms, tight website integrations, and gather more info about your leads even before you end up talking to them — the more information you have about your prospects, the better you can sell.

If your prospects are still on the website at the time they requested a demo, you can do live presentations (right then, and right there). Plus, you can also do conferences and more.

You also get complete reports, audit logs, and other information you need. If you have team members, you can get access to individual performance reports, the effectiveness of each demos conducted, and more.

With Crankwheel, your prospect doesn’t need to download anything new. You have nothing to setup and you can get started in minutes. Your prospects can get access to simple viewer links and also real-time availability information.

Get started for free with their free chrome extension.