You are about to work on a few assets ( say Facebook ads or landing pages) or maybe you are trying to build a website for a client (but we assume that the client did not give you any inputs whatsoever).

How do you know which color to use? If you were to quickly create Facebook ads for a client – and all that you have is the clients’ website, how would you pick the exact colors to match the branding?

ColorZilla is a little chrome extension that can do the trick. I cannot count the number of times ColorZilla came to my rescue when I had to create brand assets, logos, ads, landing pages, and complete websites (given that most clients don’t give you the complete information you need).

Go to the Chrome Extension home and pick up the ColorZilla extension. Once you do and enable it on your browser, it sits there quietly waiting for you to start picking colors off any web page.

When you install it, this is how it’d look like:

After you point your cursor to any section of the page that you’d like to the color of, click on the respective section and the color is stored in the “Color Picker”.

Go back to the menu, click on “Color Picker” and copy the hexadecimal code which pertains to the color in question.

Of course, for the geeks in you, there’s also the Palette Browser, CSS gradient generator, and a Webpage color analyzer.

Use ColorZilla for free, of course. If you’ve used it before, what do you think about it? Have you used it for any of your projects before?