Online courses are hot.

Ever noticed how popular YouTube Tutorials — on everything from cooking to fine art; from dining etiquette to “how to play games” — are?

Or perhaps those esoteric topics covered by various instructors on Vimeo’s Video on-demand? Maybe you found yourself working through course listings on Lynda, Udacity, Udemy, and Thinkful?

An Online Course — and education in general — has a higher perceived value than what eBooks have, at least. They are easier to create (if you are not video agnostic like I am), and they are the perfect informational product you’d ever make.

Plus, online courses are scalable. In fact, once you create a course and setup some kind of an automated system to nurture your leads, you’d mostly be on autopilot.

Unless, of course, if you want to spend to make the course even better.

Thanks to the popularity of online courses, there are many WordPress-based LMS plugins for you to consider — these are essentially self-hosted.

Then, there are hosted platforms that help you create courses and not have to worry about which LMS plugin you use, about the hosting itself (because you mostly depend on shared hosting which is crappy unless you are using FlyWheel or WPEngine).

Of the hosted platforms, Teachable, Thinkific, and Coach are the most popular ones.

Let’s talk about coach.

Spencer Fry explains why he started Coach, among other things:

When I started thinking about building Coach, I knew that I wanted to help the same people I’ve been speaking with for years, break out from behind their desk job and to explore what they’re passionate about.

You get immediate access to a store front (which looks like this):



Coach Storefront for courses



You can easily build landing pages for each of your courses and/or products (here is an example for the freelancing course I created):


Landing pages from Coach


The actual course itself, after you build it, looks like this:


Courses with Coach



Coach also comes with email marketing (you have options to send drip email campaigns or even one-time broadcasts).

Coach already comes with eCommerce built-in. So, if you price your courses, your students can purchase right away in what I think is really the most beautiful checkout experience available for any of the online course solutions so far.

Here’s what the checkout experience looks like:


Coach Checkout



You have the option of connecting Coach with available integrations with the help of Zapier too, in case you want to do more.

Coach also comes with Spencer Fry leading the fray. He personally responds to every single email you might write to him, and I think that’s invaluable.

The team is constantly working to add new features that can take Coach to a whole new level. You can look forward to complete membership areas (instead of just access to digital products like courses, eBooks, etc.), more international currencies that you can accept payments in, Facebook ads, retargeting ads, and much more.

Have you used Coach yet? Tell me about your experiences.