ClearBit Connect Review

For a lot of us, prospecting and outreach are almost on our everyday to-do list. We need to find people, and we need to find them quick and easy. There are many tools to help you achieve this, including connect6 and others.

However, the hunt for the best tool is a relentless one.

Were you ever frustrated that it’s not exactly that easy to find contact details of people you might want to reach out to? Did all other tools that promise this already disappoint you?

Say hello to Clearbit, and it’s the near perfect tool (set up as a chrome extension) that can help empower your Gmail Inbox or Google Apps for Work.

As if now, you only have access to the free community edition that allows you a bit of a wiggle room. The premium version for $50 per month is coming soon.

Clearbit connect Pricing

I did a quick install of the chrome extension

Note: you’d have install the chrome extension (as you’d normally do). However, you’ll see the option to setup ClearBit on each of your Gmail accounts, after you login (top right-hand corner).

So how well does Clearbit work?

I installed the extension, lit it up on my main gmail account (at and did a quick search for myself.

I love the search interface (minimalistic and plan) and as I type in my website name, the options already show up (like Google Instant Results).

Here’s how it looks like:

As you search for individuals or companies.

Clearbit Connect Review

The actual results:

Clearbit Connect

Owen Williams of TheNextWeb wrote about ClearBit earlier, and this is what he had to write about it:

“It’s a dead simple way to get contact details for anyone at any company by just searching their name. What you’ll get back is an email address for them, whether it’s verified to be really them and their social media profiles.”


“It’s a boon for anyone who’s ever wanted to get direct contact with high-level people at companies and makes it incredibly accessible. I grabbed Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s email address in about 30 seconds.”

It seems unbelievably simple to use it, from first impressions. Try it out here and tell me what you think?