Chirp For Chrome
The way things go, your engagement on Twitter takes on a new, shiny stride when you start sharing quotes (and this is best only after real human-to-human engagement on Twitter).

Quotes are short, impactful, and make for great pieces of content. You only need to ask Marsha Wright what “quotes” do for her Twitter feed.

But there are so many quotes, eh? Every book, eBook, blog post, and tons of other sources have some awesome people saying “incredibly-good-stuff-that’s-too-cool-not-to-post”. How do even begin to start curating quotes?

Taking notes and building a repository of quotes that you like is one way, of course. Or you could use Chirp for Chrome.

Chirp for Chrome is a new Chrome Extension that can help you “curate on twitter” – complete with quotes, a screenshot of the section of the blog post or book you are pointing out to, and also enough space for you to add your own two cents.

Boost Twitter Engagement with Images

Text is good, but good won’t do for you. Your business has to standout and make an impact. Although producing as many images as the number of daily tweets per day is hard, it’s still the best way to produce updates for Twitter.

Tweets with images get better engagement rates, say more than 300% more engagement than normal tweets, this is a terrific way to boost your own twitter updates.

Add Your Two Cents

With Chirp, you can not only take a screenshot and share but also add your inputs to it, if you like.

I’d say, do it.

Bloggers opine with their blog posts. Authors make a point – at least for the length of the book – about whatever they wrote the book on. Picking up a quote and sharing is already out of fashion.

You should add your own two cents to whatever quote you are sharing. The reasons?

• You have an opinion and that’s a special opinion.
• You have something to contribute on top of the blog post, book, or a magazine article. Your contribution adds richness, context, and another point of view.
• Your Tweets can possibly lead to conversations, and that’s exactly what you need on Twitter.

Fuel the Conversations

The best trick that Chirp has up its sleeve, thanks to Abhimanyu Goshal on NextWeb for pointing this out is this:

“If you follow a story from Twitter, you’ll be able to reply to that tweet right from the page you visited. That’s a great way to keep the conversation going, with minimal friction and fiddling around.”

Having conversations puts you on another level from the general mass of Twitter users who are busy promoting links.

Your business needs that. Get to Chirp Chrome Extension and Change the way you Tweet