Charlie App Review

Pick any successful entrepreneur and you’ll see a few things common:

  • They build great businesses.
  • They have great teams.
  • They have systems and processes for everything.

Everyone else is somewhere on the way to that kind of success. Now, starting a business is easy. Finding teams and building systems is the hard part.

Thankfully, a few resourceful entrepreneurs and technology helps ease this journey.

While the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Daymond John, and every other hotshot entrepreneur would have an executive assistant to brief them up before meetings, the rest of us have to depend on Google or LinkedIn.

That sucks. We deserve better.

Successful deal making, cracking the sale, and making things happen will all need insights on key decision makers. You need someone smart, quick, and resource to help dig out this information before you meet that all-important “someone”.

So, Aaron Frazin watched as thousands of executive assistants went about their work to create briefings for successful entrepreneurs. His team replicated that process, wove it tight into code, and built Charlie App.

Meet Charlie & He’ll Power up your Meetings

Say hello to Charlie App — your new executive assistant (without the big fat salary).

Today, most people are connected. They have their profiles up, they have active tweets, and they have LinkedIn profiles. Discussions of products, services, brands, and businesses all over the world thrive on the Internet.

When you are about to step into a meeting with a potential client, the only thing that differentiates you from the other competitor guy (who’d also walk in like he owns the deal) is how much of those little details you know about this potential client.

The more you know and the better you can relate, the higher the chances that you’d clinch the deal.

Aaron describes how his new app works:

“Before each meeting in your calendar, Charlie sends you key points on everyone you are meeting with. Charlie summarizes any shared passions you have, their hobbies and professional background, breaking company news, and more.

All this is found by combing through major social networks, hundreds of thousands of news sources, blogs, tweets, company financials, and company websites to deliver you a pre-meeting summary. It would take the average person 57 Google searches to replicate our research.

Oh you weren’t doing that many before? Now you are. You’re welcome.”

When asked as to why he created the Charlie App, he had this to say:

I’ve always known, the more prepared you are, the more you stand out from the pack, but damn did I hate actually doing the prepwork. Who actually likes spending half their day on Google and Linkedin when you could be out there, meeting people?

Eventually, I got sick of it and decided to create Charlie to be my pre-call assistant so I could spend my day on the most important activities. Now over 25,000 people have adopted Charlie as their pre-meeting assistant.

Today, Over 25,000 Executives, sales people, and more use Charlie, including executives and sales teams from some of the fastest growing tech companies:, Hootsuite, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare, Uber, etc.

Is Charlie App a “Rapportive”?

You know how Rapportive is a hot favorite for everyone.

While the little tool lies there, at the side of your Inbox, it would instantly pull in social media details, emails, and other information that you could use beyond just the email.

While the earlier Rapportive you knew would pull in social information from most social profiles, it’s now LinkedIn Rapportive and the tool is now layered directly on top of LinkedIn’s extensive business network. In essence, you’d now connect with your Gmail contacts through LinkedIn’s growing network of members.

Now, how would it be if you had a tool like Rapportive for your meetings? How well do you think you’d crack a sales deal if you were to know everything you possibly could about the key contact you were about to meet, including details about the company?

Could you, in short, have a “Rapportive” for your Calendar?

You can now, with Charlie.

How to get it: Sync your calendar on and that’s it. From then on, minutes before every meeting, Charlie will email you a 1-pager so you can make a killer impression.

Cost: Charlie is free for individuals while in beta. Team plans coming soon that include instant intelligence on leads in Salesforce so your team can be better prepared to call new prospects.

Background: Chicago based startup. Raised 1.75m, led by Lightbank, Hydepark Venture Partners, Matchstick Ventures, and more.

Have you used Charlie yet? Care to share what you think?