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Web-based tools

10 Tools To Get More Leads From Your Website

Note: This is an infographic by Dave Mooring — marketing specialist, Founder and President of BurlapSky,SuperSimpl, a professional services marketing consultancy, and co-founder of the Business Growth Network and the North Carolina Podcasting Meetup. Most websites are built almost as if there was no other

mobile apps

9 Indispensible Mobile Apps For Business

Mobile apps changed everything. They are the staple of every smartphone today and webmasters along with business owners have all taken to it in a big way. Yet, there are many who haven’t. Or maybe they do but it already we thought we’ll scrutinize the

get on the cloud

Transform Your Business: Get On the Cloud

You should get on the cloud, like right now. As a small business, you have access to industry-standard tools and technologies that were available only to large companies with bankrolls that could reach the moon. Technology impacts your business, no matter how you choose to

DIY web design tools

Top DIY Website Builders: Web Designers Rest In Peace

Remember the days when you’d have to look for a website designer or developer just to get your website done? Sooner or later, this breed of web designers are going to be extinct. If you can point the mouse on a button and click, you

Getting Leads

Forget Getting Leads. Your LiveChat Can Do Better

There’s human inaction and there’s human interaction. From a strict business point of view, the former doesn’t make money while the latter is the key to successful marketing. Most websites can do better with some live action. When visitors come visiting, let there be a

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How To Manage Virtual Teams (& Tools To Help)

This is the era of remote work. If you are still hiring full-time staff for work that could very be done by someone on the other side of the globe, you are truly missing out on the pure arbitrage opportunity that outsourcing provides. You could

LaPa Landing Pages

LaPa: Landing Pages Inspiration, Delivered

Oh, we are so lost on Landing Pages inspiration, the whole lot of us. Yet, we also have plenty of it when we need to. Landing pages, you all know, is critical for any kind of campaign. You need some sort of action, you’d need

Social Selling

Social Selling? Cool Plugins to Make it Happen

We advocate a super cool, “give it all away” front when it comes to social media. We believe in engagement, conversations, solving problems, and establishing a brand’s credibility on social media. It’s all nice but when conversations with potential customers turn into active sales conversations

How to Choose Web tools

How to Choose the Right Web-Based Tool, The Right Way

Are you drowning in the seemingly endless morass of tools available on the Internet? While I might squeal with delight with the number of tools available for me to review on, you might not particularly like the fact that there are way too many good

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