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SamCart Reviews: Is It As Good As It’s Made Out to be?

Note: I haven’t used SamCart. This review is not a review after buying SamCart. It’s a string of thoughts I compiled while researching SamCart and after checking out other SamCart reviews. I’ve used Shopify for clients and I am working on a new ecommerce store

Monarch Social Media Plugin: The Social Media Bad Boy

You know that social media is big. It gets you traffic, it’s your opportunity to have conversations with your blog readers, potential customers, existing customers, investors, and vendors. If your blog is your publishing platform, all of our chosen social networks are your amplification and


Nuage: A Brand New Way to Manage Domains

When was the last time you actually remembered when to renew your domain name? Now, that question pertains to you if you have just one domain name to manage. What if you had several domains, spread across multiple registrars? Or are you depending on those

Vizia Reviews

Vizia: Making Video Work For Everyone

As of today, video isn’t fancy. It’s not a choice anymore. It’s powerful, it’s great for narrating stories, and it’s incredibly effective for marketing, branding, communicating, and more. For instance, according to this infographic from Hubspot, a simple video in email leads to a whopping

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Unbounce Releases Embeddable CTA Feature (Beta)

You know pop-ups are important. It’s another thing that it’s debatable whether or not they are effective. Marketers who use pop-ups well, however, are almost always rewarded. OptinMonster, SumoMe, and a few other popular tools give you plenty of options for designing pop ups for

Rewst: Twitter Marketing Made Easy

If you are on Twitter, you’d be there to ensure that you grow your organic followers, make an impact with your influence, build your network, and have conversations (or you can build real relationships). It’s another thing that you also get branding impressions, mentions (getting

Social media for hiring

How To Use Social Media for Hiring Candidates

Social media is changing everything — the way people interact, how they communicate, and even how consumers buy. Businesses now depend on social media and so do consumers. While it might all look like a gigantic, chaotic, messy space — there’s method to that chaos.


MyBusinessGenie: Sell On Steroids & Look Good While Doing It

I remember how I used to squirm when clients would ask me to “email the brochure” or “send in an email” with more product information soon after I pitched my company’s products. I’d squirm because it’s a pain to get back to the office, find

andco automatic invoicing

And Co: Automatic Invoicing For Freelancers

Freelancers never have it easy, there I said it. Hustling everyday for clients, delivering work on time, and then hustling some more to make sure you’d ride out the wave of “feast-famine cycles” as Corey Pemberton of BidSketch calls it. Almost always in between, you’d

webengage journeys

Web Engage Journeys: Reimagining Marketing Automation

The one thing that’s sorely missing on most websites today is engagement (I won’t be surprised if this blog also scores low, I must admit). We are all now so used to the digital web that shaking hands, smiling, and saying hello seem archaic. The

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