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Appointlet: Making Scheduling Appointments Easy

We are all in sales, as Dan Pink advocates in his book To Sell Is Human. Whether you are a freelancer, a self-employed professional, a business owner, an executive, or even a nobody. We are always selling, pitching, convincing, persuading, and hustling (and hustle doesn’t

7 Awesome tools

7 Cool Business Tools You Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s a cool, tool world out there today. I discover at least one new tool everyday I set out to browse. My “to review” list grows by the day and I can’t seem to get enough of writing about tools – old and new. So,


Jaco: See Website Relays Live & Test Your Products

  The field of analytics is getting very interesting off late with the likes of Mouseflow and many other tools. These new breed of analytics tools allow you to see a lot more than just numbers and stats – mainly because just those numbers won’t

zoho notebook

Zoho Notebook: The Beginning of Evernote Alternatives?

Frankly, nothing beats Evernote. There are no Evernote alternatives. Is that true? Granted that there are now many tools – including Google Notes and iOS Notes — that have as much functionality as Evernote does. There are tons of ways to organize your thoughts, notes,

DropBox productivity Tools

Dropbox Just got 18-Inch Biceps: Care to Check Them Out?

Most of us use DropBox and it goes without saying that it’s probably one of the most important, crucial, and popular file storing and document sharing service out there. The cherry on top with good products today is that they just keep getting better. Dropbox

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark: Stories Get a Life Of Their Own

With the likes of Snappa, Canva, and many other graphic design tools available today, there’s no dearth of help. It also looks like designers would have to do something more to offer than just plain, vanilla design. As if the entire spectrum of existing tools

Smooch App

Smooch: Talk & Engage With Your Customers, Where They Are

  Just like you shouldn’t be expecting customers to show up at your door just because you decided to be in business, you can’t be expecting customers to stick the lines of communication you’ve embraced. If the customer is a queen, you’d need to pander


SlashPixels: Works Like Google, But it’s for Designers

Designers are a harried bunch. Between the actual design work and all the way up to clients from hell, they have a lot to deal with. That alone makes the case for an easier workflow for designers, right? Look at it this way: I am


WPForms: Build WordPress Forms Easy & Quick

Forms are everything on your website. They are the gateway for others to reach out to you. They are the only means for your customers to ask you pre-sale questions. For just a few web pages representing a business, forms are truly the window out

Wordpress Marketing Plugins

WordPress Marketing Plugins: Power Up Your Business Now

If you are reading this, you are mostly on WordPress. More than 25% of the web is powered by WordPress and I won’t be surprising if you are on WordPress too. With WordPress, you can be up and running in minutes (unless you decide not

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