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Grammarly: Powering The Written Word

What you write determines where you’ll end up. At least, that’s what it looks like today given that a vast majority of us end up consuming information both online and offline. If you are in business, you’d need to have a web presence. If you


PushCrew: Build a Following With Just a Browser

Want to build a mobile app for your business? It’s only getting harder to get more mobile app users to download your app. Likewise, it’s also getting hard to build a list. Everyone in business likes to believe that the real money lies in your

Canva Just Got Better: Embeds, Websites, & Charts

Chances are that you are already using Canva for creating graphics of all kinds, on the fly. I’ve written extensively on graphic design tools for non-tech entrepreneurs, busy social media managers, and positively everyone who needs visuals. Visuals, we’ve established, we do need. Canva makes


Snappa: A Super-fast Way to Design Social Media Graphics

Jesse Mawhinney of HubSpot listed several stats related to social media but with a twist — these stats relate how important graphics and visuals are for your social media activity. The way those social networks are built, sharing and updating on social media is never

Bookmark Website Builder

BookMark: A Terrific New Website Builder (+Free Lessons)

I don’t how or why but off late, I’ve been seeing more and more web builders online (and that’s a good thing). Since we build websites for clients as a part of our services, we aren’t complaining. In fact, we are pampered. Only recently, I

tilda website builder

Tilda: A New Way To Build Websites For Marketing

Do you hate WordPress? Do you think WordPress sucks? You are not alone. Although WordPress happens to be the most popular CMS, it’s also the most susceptible. Don’t get wrong. I love WordPress, my digital marketing agency website is on WordPress, and I’d still swear


Usabili Me: How To Connect With Customers Faster

It’s easy to get loaded with so much technology sometimes that we miss the most important reason you are in business. If it wasn’t for your customers, there’d be no business. Not to mention that we also have to take care of a slew of


Vectr: Get Your Hands On A Free Graphics Editor

Are you a designer struggling with your already heavy workload? Or maybe you are a super marketer with absolutely no tolerance to other graphic designers or vendors who could be taking forever to deliver simple vector designs that you need for your marketing assets such

unrollme A Promising Way to Inbox Zero?

Going Inbox Zero has become as much a priority for thousands of Internet users, and it seems like it’s just as important as email itself is. Executive teams spend an average of about 1.5 hours a day, and they send out an average of about

Author App

Author App: Digital Publishing Finally Looks Hot

Today, all brands are publishers. Individuals and businesses alike have already embraced the power of blogging and the exhaustive list of benefits information-based marketing has in an age when consumers have low patience levels and an average of attention span that’s shorter than that of

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