Today, it’s really easy to set up a website and if you still worry endless about putting up a website, then you are really sweating the small stuff if you ask me. This is the era of artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning.

There are plenty of DIY website builders out there than can get the job done (and it’s probably faster and more efficient if you go this route).

Talking about DIY builders, there are so many of them today that you now have a new problem altogether: which one would you choose? [this makes for another blog post, for some other day].

But sometimes, you don’t even need complete websites. Not all the time.

Most businesses still don’t think much of digital marketing anyway, so starting with a blog, e-commerce capability, and all that jazz is an overkill.

If you are yet to be launched (or just launched) or if you are a small business that needs a superb, impressive, and effective presence online, you don’t need “that much” to start with.

All you need is a presence that is able to position your business as a serious entity and that you mean business. You can pretty much figure out everything yourself as you go along and add on things that you need.

That’s when Carrd takes a life of its own. It provides you with a free and completely hassle-free way to build a one-page website as quickly (or even sooner) than it takes for you to read this post.

Carrd provides you with a simple way to setup a personal site, a landing page connected to your MailChimp account (so that you can build your email list from day one, and hopefully you do focus on building an email list).

You don’t even have to signup to see how Carrd works. Just head to this page and start building right away – that way, you’d know just how fast you can build your page up. Just like that.

You already have dozens of templates that you can start off with or you can start from scratch. The designs are completely responsive (so you don’t have to do this as if it’s an after thought).

If and when you go pro, you can build forms, remove the “Made with Carrd” branding, connect them to your MailChimp account, install Google Analytics, publish your sites to custom domains, embed third-party widgets (like Typeform and Stripe).
It’s totally free to start with. Go out there and create something awesome.