Chances are that you are already using Canva for creating graphics of all kinds, on the fly. I’ve written extensively on graphic design tools for non-tech entrepreneurs, busy social media managers, and positively everyone who needs visuals.

Visuals, we’ve established, we do need.

Canva makes designing Social media backgrounds, social media graphics, banner ads, brochures, flyers, posters, eBook covers, and almost any other design you might need for your business.

The company recently announced a smashing new release with their “charts”, “Canva Websites”, and a way to share them as links or embed these designs into WordPress or any other website platform you could be using.

Here’s a snippet on what Canva just released:

Dynamic Charts, anywhere

Using dynamic charts you can now easily visualize data and present it as such on any medium — as a standalone document (viewed on the web), as a part of your presentation, embed it inside a project proposal, etc.

You can create infographics, showcase your results as a part of your case studies, and even use complex data and create resulting pie charts, donut charts, line graphs, and bar graphs.

Turn any design into a website

That’s right. You don’t need no WordPress or anything else. Just complete your design in Canva, click on the “share” button, pick up the link, and impress your clients, visitors, partners, or even your mom.

Your presentations will never be the same again. Every design now has a web view — looks and feels and scrolls like a website — and it allows for a beautiful, easy, interactive, and I must say Interactive presentation.

Having said that, there’s nothing to stop you from actually creating a real website (with buttons, copy, and links) from within Canva.

Remember how designers would work up PSD files on Photoshop and then convert PSD to HTML?

Now, it’s Canva design to live website view.

Embed designs on Existing sites

Ok, granted that you might not need a “website” view for every design you’d make on Canva. But you’d almost always find reasons to showcase your designs, data, presentations, and graphics on your website.

With Canva, you can pick up your design and embed it into your website. Just like that.

If you’ve ever uploaded designs into your WordPress site (by downloading them off Canva, you’d know what a timesaver this is.

Any changes you make to your design later reflects automatically on the part of the website where you uploaded the original design.

Are you excited? Sure as hell, I am.

Here’s what I created for Blogging and Content Services at

Go try Canva now. It’s free.