Freelancers, consultants, solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, and possibly everyone on the planet always falls short of that one thing we don’t have much of: time.

While this post isn’t going to harp about productivity or efficiency when it comes to work, for people trying to make a living off their skills in one way or the other and for people who already have hectic schedules all week long, it’s critical to not let time slip by in meaningless interruptions, on-demand calls from clients, nosy coworkers, and everything else that distracts you from working.

If you are out there hustling, you’d need a smart, nice, convenient, easy, and intelligent way to just handle how you schedule your appointments, skype calls, in-person meetings, and more.

Without an automated scheduling system, your skype account will resemble the good old Yahoo Messenger (Remember that one?).

Calendly is a super cool popular, and handy app that helps you schedule your meetings with the humongous mess that back-and-forth emails really are.

Instead of drowning in a sea of emails or messages just trying to arrive at a mutually-agreeable time to get talking, all you have to do is create simple rules, share your Calendly link, have others pick a scheduled time (the time range, you’d set and Calendly would automatically strike off time that you are not available for).

Once a prospect, client, coworker sets up a time he or she picks, Calendly lets you know that a meeting has been scheduled. Automatically then adds the meeting to your calendar (Google, Outlook, Office 365, or iCloud).

Ever went looking for “What time is it in Denmark now? Calendly is time zone intelligent so it detects your invitees’s time zone and automatically shows them the time that’s on their time zone.

But you don’t have to stop at what Calendly can do.

The scheduling app also integrates with GotoMeeting, SalesForce, Drip, and the big daddy Zapier. Here’s a handy list of advanced ways to accelerate sales with Calendly + Zapier from the folks at Calendly

You can literally build a workflow around your calls and meetings with calendly going as deep or as simple as you like.

Whether you are doing consulting, customer service, demonstrations, meetings, sales calls, outreach, affiliate management, or absolutely anything else, managing time is something you just have to do, and Calendly does it really well.

I use Calendly for my consulting calls that’s connected to Drip and I find it’s one of the best things that happened to my consulting workflow.

Have you used Calendly yet? What other scheduling apps do you use and why? Let me know in the comments below.