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You might think that it’s just about a few hours a day, but it all adds up. According to Gabrielle Carol of FoxBusiness, small business owners waste a — wait for it — 4 billion (with a B) hours each year on tasks. The time that could have been spent better elsewhere.

It hurts. I can’t see it happen to you and neither do I want that for myself. Here are a few tools that help take some of those tasks away from your shoulders:


When more than 90% of your visitors leave, you do have a reason to worry about. All those marketing efforts and ad spend could just be a colossal waste of money and time if you didn’t do anything about that statistic. Thankfully, conversion rate optimization is not that hard.

In fact, you don’t even have to go that far. Just sign up for WebEngage and it does all the heavy lifting as far as website engagement is concerned to help you generate leads and engage with your customers better.


As you must have guessed by now, I am an “alternative man”. Dlvr. it is another web application that helps you to post your blog content to your multiple social media accounts.

You may also gauge your audience engagement, your reach across networks, the impact your tweets or your Facebook Fan Page shares would have had on your followers and fans, and much more. Real time stats and automatic integration to multiple social accounts is a blessing, isn’t it?

See if is something you might like?



Creating a logo is always a tricky thing. If it isn’t tricky, it’s important, expensive, and your branding almost depends on it. If you have an in-house design team or if you can afford a contractor/vendor to do the logos for you,it’s all well and good.

What if you don’t? I didn’t have the logo design skills nor could I afford a logo designer. I had to rely on free web-based alternative like Sumo Paint. You can see how crappy, depressing and unprofessional my logo can get, can’t you?

It looks like Logoease can solve your problem, if you are like me, that is. featuring a simple, design interface you can now create your logo — as many as 10 different versions at one time —  within minutes. They even send out files in various formats back to you.


While we are on the subject of logos and branding, take special note of TailorBrands. It’s a way for you to setup your branding material (including logos) quickly and instantly without the need for a graphic designer.

With TailorBrands, it’s just about execution, and that’s just a few clicks. You can whip out everything from a logo all the way to a branding kit, a branding book, a presskit, and corporate identity, just like that.



Are you a freelancer, business owner, or a sales person? If you are, you do know that first impressions matter. Further, almost everyone uses email or a normal word document to send out a proposal. Why not make your proposals stand out?

BidSketch allows you to create professional proposals in minutes.

Keep all your proposals in one place, play around with the designs, tweak your sections, format to hearts content, export it to PDF and render your proposals on a “web view” in a special portal created just for you and your client. Your clients just fire up the proposal on their browser and even send you comments on it.

That’s awesome, isn’t it?


If you are familiar with excel, you’ll love SmartSheet. I first used it when a client gave me access to it when I working on their content and I had to work with a team of other collaborators, web designers, and freelance writers (like myself). It’s a super-charged, excel spreadsheet like “The Hulk” — their green color interface made me think about it

Project Management, sales invoicing and pipeline management, task management, human resources, crowd sourcing, IT management, online work management — you name it, smart sheet can do it for you. It can also integrate with Salesforce and Google Apps, if that’s your kind of thing.


It’s been 1.5 years since I know and use this application but I still can’t type it out right.
Mind Mapping is an incredibly effective way to communicate what you “think”, or explain “concepts” to your clients, readers, or even to your granny.

There are plenty of web applications for mind mapping. is a free mind mapping solution I stumbled over years go and I still use it when I have to share my ideas with my clients. It’s free, and it’s web based. Dabble, create a mind map, and download it to your computer.

What are your favourite tools? Tell me all about them.

Img Credit: Rob Lambert at UnSplash