Brand24 Review

Between any two companies that offer more or less the same thing, it’s often customer support, of the fact that you (as a potential customer) know the company well enough, or when the company itself is pro-active (on social media or through any other means).

I am pro-active on social media and I love it when other companies are just that proactive. Even though they don’t have to, some companies go out of the way.

They hustle. They reach out. They go out of their way.

Brand24 is a social monitoring tool, but that’s not what’s making me write about them. I am writing about Brand24 because they aren’t just a tool, a brand, or a company.

I can already see there are real people behind the company (holds true for most of the tools I write about).

But wait, why social media monitoring? What’s the big deal right?

It is a big deal, especially given how stupid some businesses are when it comes to their social media management. It’s not just small businesses, freelancers, and others who go wrong; even Fortune 500 companies like 3M and Cheerios Brand (General Mills) do blunders, as Patricio Robles of eConsultancy Blog points out.

You better know what’s being said about your brand. If you aren’t that big, it’s time to do lead generation off social media by leading with smart answers or tapping into the power of outreach.

Anyway you look at it, that’s how it can cut.

So, here goes:

What Does Brand24 Do for Your business?

Brand24 can scope out the entire social media landscape for one of the following (you can setup each of these as a project):

  • Brand mentions (See who’s talking about your brand and stay on top of it)
  • Sales leads (Follow conversations, news, updates, and everything around the problems your business solves)
  • Topics (If you’d like to follow conversations on social media and elsewhere that matter to your niche, choose this option).

Here’s a Video Walkthrough

Under the hood

I picked a few topics like “web tools”, “technology”, “business tools” to stay on top of.
Social Monitoring

You can adjust your keywords, add keyword exclusions, and even put up language filters. On a high-level, you’ll have options to setup spam filters and choose to view sentiments too (Negative? Positive?).

A couple of minutes fiddling with the sources, manual entries (including this blog, GetApp, and ProductHunt), I also manipulated the sources to avoid getting any feeds from Facebook and a few others. With the free version, you are limited to adding just 5 keywords within a project.

When you are all done, your project dashboard looks like this:

Brand24 Dashboard

I look for the results, and find influencers

Finding Influencers Brand24

And I then engage with those influencers by clicking on the “engage” button, right away:

Engaging Influencers

For each of these influencers (or groups of people talking about your brand, or people talking about the problems you solve), you can look for influencer scores, history of updates, and even group these accounts together.

With a little more fine-tuning on the settings, we can expect to see exactly what we want to see (depending on your business, what you choose to monitor, etc). There’s a lot of twiddling that you’d have to do to zoom in on the exact set of updates, or groups of influencers you need to find.

Once you setup your project right, however, you are presented with a wealth of information about the topics, keywords, brand names, influencers, and more.

While the “mentions” tab shows you a holistic display of all mentions of your brand, topics, or keywords you choose, there’s even more in there that can really supercharge the way you engage socially.

For instance, there’s analysis, and a comprehensive list of influencers, authors, topics, or pages. You also have the opportunity to compare between projects.

Give Brand24 a try for free. Let me know if it helps you in managing your social mentions better?