I don’t how or why but off late, I’ve been seeing more and more web builders online (and that’s a good thing). Since we build websites for clients as a part of our services, we aren’t complaining. In fact, we are pampered.

Only recently, I write about Tilda (and I maintain that it’s a DIY website builder worth your consideration).

I come across new ways to build websites, almost everyday. Truly, my prediction that web designers who only want to design websites for clients and wash their hands off aren’t going to survive.

I just realized, however, that there’s more.

The premise of a good DIY website builder is that it helps small business owners save tons of cash, time, and a considerable amount of stress that’s usually a part of anything as important as a website that you’d build as a direct representation of your brand.

BookMark Website Builder, from the looks of it, looks fantastic with numerous modules, great customer service, a way for you to make changes on the fly, and an intuitive Interface.

The most important piece of the magic that Bookmark promises is in its “Focus” feature that intelligently adapts your website to what’s important for you.

There are some ready-made templates that you can use, right off the bat. Fire up the app, spin up a template and get to work.

Bookmark Website Templates

The websites (at the time of testing) load fast. There are enough templates there to help you get started with almost any kind of website. It’s the typical drag-and-drop builder and you’d never have to touch a line of code.

Apart from the ability to build your websites, however, there’s also a way for you to pick up on plenty of e-learning courses. From “Learning more about Google Adwords” to “Personal branding” — it’s all available right there, within the dashboard.

Elearning with Bookmark

I couldn’t help but notice that there’s also an “Ask the expert” area although it’s only half-full. Over time, I expect that this would eventually become a tight-knit community of enthusiastic “Bookmarkers”

Have you used Bookmark yet? What do you think?