Life is hard as a freelancer. If you’ve ever done freelancing, you’d know that selling your services isn’t even half the battle. You’d need to find clients (hopefully, sensible ones) and then deliver work. As if that wasn’t enough, you’d have to ensure that you are getting paid regularly.

Now, normally this should not be hard, but it is.

Some clients can be a royal pain in “you know where” and worse, they don’t even pay on time.


That single aspect of chasing invoices and getting paid makes freelancing more challenging that it really is.


Thankfully, there’s usually help around the corner if you are willing to look that is. Bonsai aims to ease some of these problems. By providing an all-in-one freelancing invoicing solution, it seeks to give you a singular space to work out of.


You get space for projects, proposals, contracts, invoices, and a roster of clients. Each of these different aspects of freelancing are linked together so that you don’t have to login to 7 different services just to get your business going.


Here’s what Bonsai gets you:


Proposals: As freelancers, the quality of your proposals will make or break the once chance you have to impress your potential clients. Instead of using separate tools to help build proposals, just use the native option within Bonsai to do it.  Fill in details of your project , the approach you’ll take, and summarize your fees. You can create and send proposals that you could add your own brand to. Send them online and also get “red receipts”. Your clients can approve these proposals online too.


Contracts: These legal contracts can be a pain and chances are that you won’t get them right even after you look around and waste weeks just to get them out. Instead, use Bonsai’s in-built contract templates by filling in client details and have them ready to be reviewed and e-approved.


Time Tracking: Need to track time for projects? Stop juggling with 14 different tools just for this. Bonsai’s time tracker is obviously integrated with your contracts and proposals. Plus, invoicing is connected too. One-click time tracking, centralized repository of tracked time on projects, and automated invoicing. How cool can it get?


Invoicing: The heart of your freelancing business is in invoicing – the easier it is to send them out and the rate at which each invoice is paid determines the cash flow. With Bonsai, you get free invoices, automated reminders, online payments, and detailed reporting. You can use Stripe, PayPal, and even CoinBase (if you like to go Crypto).


Finally, you can use Bonsai regardless of where you live in the world. International contracts aere available along with support for 180 currencies.


If you are a freelancer, give Bonsai a look.

You can also signup for my freelancing course here (just signing up also gives you free access to membership)