andco automatic invoicing

Freelancers never have it easy, there I said it.

Hustling everyday for clients, delivering work on time, and then hustling some more to make sure you’d ride out the wave of “feast-famine cycles” as Corey Pemberton of BidSketch calls it.

Almost always in between, you’d have to blog for yourself, ensure that your presence on social media helps you build relationships (and also gets you more business), and maintain a steady outflow of emails that are built to nurture your existing and potential clients.

Although you might not like it, you’d also have to chase invoices because not all clients pay on time. If they don’t, it hits your cash flow.

Thanks to technology, there are promising tools that help you at least automate a few aspects of your freelancing business.

And Co helps you automate your invoicing so that you don’t have to. An app and a human is all you need.

How does And Co Automatic Invoicing Work?

And Co provides automated, simplified, instant, and almost contextual invoicing, on the go.

It was designed with “mobile” in mind, so it’s as modern as it gets. And Co creates your invoices as soon as you deliver, tracks payments, and even reminds your clients if they are late.

The tool helps track all your billing and invoicing schedules to make sure that “you” aren’t late in sending out that invoice ever again (as if clients paying invoices late wasn’t enough).

You’d have the ability to accept payments from credit cards, ACH bank transfers, and the ubiquitous PayPal. Pay no charges for payments except the standard transaction fees from your payment processors (like Stripe or PayPal).

Invoicing Redefined

And Co allows you to create invoices on the fly, without fuzz, and without drama. Simple, clean layouts enable you to create invoices faster and also allow your clients to understand exactly what you are charging for.

You also have the option of getting reminders for sending the next invoice due, know when a client hasn’t paid on time, and mark paid invoices as, well, “paid”.

A personal chief operator is also assigned to each And Co account – a real human – to assist you with managing your invoices (such as setting up invoicing schedules, reminding clients, reminding yourself to send invoices, and more.

Stay current with a holistic overview of your freelancing income – all the money you made, the cash you spent (including the latte while you were out hustling out of a coffee shop), and an overview of clients who paid on time (or didn’t), and track invoices that are still open or unpaid.

Stay in control of your freelancing income now.