Author: Ajay Rao

Crello: Graphics For Social Media, Made Easy

We humans have always been visual. Now, the web is going visual tool. With the growing importance of businesses having to take to social media, to blog regularly, and to maintain the outgo of information, taking the visual route is now more important than ever. Visuals make information stick. They job the memory lane easier for your visitors and readers. Honestly, visuals make information look sexy. Visuals make an impact. They let your readers and visitors assimilate information quickly, as this infographic would convince you. Tim More of The Next Web writes, “Effective visuals are extremely powerful when used...

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ColorZilla: Get Any Color Off Any Website

You are about to work on a few assets ( say Facebook ads or landing pages) or maybe you are trying to build a website for a client (but we assume that the client did not give you any inputs whatsoever). How do you know which color to use? If you were to quickly create Facebook ads for a client – and all that you have is the clients’ website, how would you pick the exact colors to match the branding? ColorZilla is a little chrome extension that can do the trick. I cannot count the number of times...

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Find That lead prospector: Quickly Create Prospect Lists

Business is all about prospecting. It’s about finding potential customers, engaging with them, nurturing their relationships up to a point until they buy (and then buy some more). But who exactly is your customer? How do you find them? What do you do exactly to zoom in on the exact set of customers who are most likely to buy from you? For that, you’d need something like Find that lead — and it does exactly what the name suggests. Signup for FindThatLead, fill-in-the-blanks, and the tool gives you an instant list of customers (complete with their names and email...

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