Today, all brands are publishers. Individuals and businesses alike have already embraced the power of blogging and the exhaustive list of benefits information-based marketing has in an age when consumers have low patience levels and an average of attention span that’s shorter than that of a GoldFish.

A Study reveals that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000, or around the time the mobile revolution began, to eight seconds.

Meanwhile, visual content has never played a more important role to maximize your digital presence.


According to Tom More, founder of Slidely,

“Visuals have a chance to go viral”

Given that, you need a lot more than just a blog and intermittent social media presence. You need something captivating, beautiful, and engaging. Personal or business publishing needs to go one notch up.

Author App helps you take your digital publishing to the next level. With the Author app, you get the best of Microsoft Word’s familiarity and the class of Apple’s Pages, on the web. Create and publish strikingly good-looking documents on to the web.

Signup for the app, celebrate your creative journey, and create virtually anything from notes, stories, long-form articles, photo galleries, web publications, and even an entire report, white paper, or eBook on the web.

Formatting happens live, as you write or curate or create. Since it’s on the web, you only have a final version to deal with, even if the perfectionist tendency in you wants to tweak each document endlessly.

The Author App also comes with the Author Cloud – a web-based, integrated interface that gives you the complete freedom and flexibility to control who sees your documents, how you share your documents, and more.

The Author App looks like it’s a Mac-only app at the moment and we’ll have to see if they come up with an app for windows yet.

However, the app promises to change the way you create content, publish your authority pieces, showcase your portfolio, or display your photos.

What are you going to create with the Author App? Share your publications here. Tell me what you ended up creating for you or for your business?