Pop Quiz: How easy or hard is it to build an app?

You tell me.

Ross Brown of Entrepreneur listed out several reasons why your small business should have an app – and includes research which reveals that the overall mobile app market will grow to a whopping $63 billion by 2020.

If and when you know that you need another channel to scale, that your customers are tech savvy, check their phone multiple times per day and also happen to know that they’d prefer dedicated some space on their phone for your app, you just know that an app is a good thing to invest in.

But then, building apps is a time-consuming and expensive process. Also, for every reason that you thought was valid, there are just as many reasons as to why you shouldn’t build an app for your business, as Bach of Limpid Logic points out.

For most small businesses, the costs of building a mobile app are prohibitive, to say the least. For agencies and web dev shops, good talent is either hard to find or at a premium. This leaves them producing low quality work that clients don’t benefit from.

Let’s just say that you do think you need to build a mobile app for your business. There are, of course, plenty of tools to help you build one. For using most of these tools, you don’t even need app developers.

If your small business has no more of an asset than a WordPress website or blog, one of those tools is Appresser – a tool specifically created to help you turn any WordPress site into a mobile app.

Appresser is an app builder for people who live and swear by WordPress. By including a specific set of plugins and themes – along with special functions a few more custom plugins – it aims to help you build your mobile app that’ll go together like “Wine and Steak”.

If it weren’t for this, you have to scout around looking for app builders that might just let you down, WordPress demands a very specific skill set that you’ll find only at a premium. But why spend on developers when an app can help you build an “app”?

You can use Appresser if you are a business, a digital marketing agency or a freelancer, or a web development agency.

Focus on customizing the app just the way your clients want it done without much coding or working from scratch.

Appresser is a cloud-based visual app builder and you can also bring in all the usual goodness that comes with WordPress such as Buddypress, Woocommerce, and many others.

Have you checked out Appresser yet?Tell me about it.