We are all in sales, as Dan Pink advocates in his book To Sell Is Human. Whether you are a freelancer, a self-employed professional, a business owner, an executive, or even a nobody. We are always selling, pitching, convincing, persuading, and hustling (and hustle doesn’t always involve cash).

For those who have to make a living, you’ll often have to bring in decision makers. As a sales professional, business owner, or a freelancer, you’d have to setup appointments, calls, web conferences, and meetings with clients.

There are tons of Appointment scheduling tools – both free and paid – but you’d spend an entire lifetime just trying each of these tools out.

Simpler still, you could check out Appointlet – an incredibly easy to use appointment scheduling software that can help you conduct better meetings, streamline the part where you need to get on a call for consulting, showcasing services or for scheduling demos.

Appointlet: 5 Minutes, and you are good to go

Appointlet helps setup your first “booking page” while signing up and if you wanted to, you could be up and running in less than 5 minutes flat.

Signup, setup your booking page, setup your availability, give a name for the appointment/call/or meeting, and you are good to go. You get a single link that you can share with your potential clients, decision makers, or your customers.

Once your link comes through, all you have to do is to nudge your potential customers or prospects to book an appointment using the link. The dates that your clients will choose will automatically be registered in your calendar (you’d need to pick a calendar like Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar first).

Both the client and you get notifications, reminders, and all the help you need until you get on the call. For remote teams and for those who like to showcase demos, share computer screens or when calls aren’t possible, Appointlet also lets you use the “Web conferencing”
Option with popular tools like

You can add extra form fields to gather more information from your clients before you get on a call – this gives you more insights, perspectives, and the exact information you need to help make your sales calls more focused.

Appointlet: Categorize Calls With Services

Instead of using a blanket approach to scheduling appointments and calls, you’d do well to use “services” – separate categories you can sort your appointments into. Something like “Demo”, “Kick off calls”, “Support calls”, “consulting calls”, and more.

Now, those appointment links Got to be everywhere. So, once you get the link for your organization, company, or business, you can add the link everywhere you want it to be – your website, embed on Facebook, add it to your email signature link, and more.

You can obviously add more members to your team and everything remains in one dashboard.

Have you used Appointlet yet? Let me know