Businesses can barely survive without sales. There ought to be a dedicated, laser-focused approach to the sales funnel – and there’s no denying that. Any startup or business that simply assumes that customers will barge in, knocking doors off their hinges by queuing up overnight, and actually buy operates from an office situated in fool’s paradise.

Every business – run by an individual or managed as a large Fortune 500 corporation – has to get that sales machine going.

Meanwhile, a few sales statistics can blow your mind:

According to Scott Tousley of HubSpot, more than 44% of sales people give up after following up just once. The fact is that more than 80% of deals are closed after at least 5 follow ups.

The average sales person makes only 2 attempts to reach prospects. About 35-50% of sales go to vendors that respond first. More than 63% of prospects (who request information about your products and services) don’t buy for at least 3 months.

Also, get this: “No prospect gets up one fine morning with an intent to get into your pipeline”. The sooner you get this, the better you’ll work around it.

But businesses are too busy with sales to work on making “sales” better. You see?

See how pathetic the world is at selling?

1. We operate from a standpoint of “showing up” so that “customers will buy”. That isn’t happening.
2. Sales people can make major changes to improve their workflow
3. There’s technology to help make this a wee bit easier for companies.

Talking about technology, there’s a nifty tool called AeroLeads that at least tries to make a part of your sales workflow better. From the last time I checked circa right now, there are a few more bells and whistles (an upgrade, if you will).

With AeroLeads, you also get Aero Main, a Google Chrome Extension, and great support.

Pushkar Gaikwad, Founder of AeroLeads, has this to say for a few questions I sent out to him (I’ll put it right down here without editing):

1. What’s the one big reason (apart from money, fame, or the fact that you got kicked up on the idea itself), for starting Aeroleads? >> I like Internet and Technology and consider this to be my life, I also understand Sales and Marketing pretty well so thought why not build AeroLeads which solves a real world problem. I was actually solving one of my own problem of not able to sell our own product.

2. In three short lines, what’s the overarching benefit of using Aeroleads?

People build product or offer services but often hit the wall after launching it, now what? so this is where AeroLeads comes into picture. It finds prospects and their emails and phone numbers. Now only this, we also find lot of other data about prospects which gives you insights about them.

That was quick. Now, let’s see what’s under the hood for AeroLeads:

Hug the Chrome Extension

The first thing you’d have to do after signing up with AeroLeads is to install the Chrome Extension. Once you do, this is what you get:

search for prospects

Once you are all setup, just do a search for whoever you want to look for and two things happen:

1. You get a search listing with linkedIn profiles on Google search.
2. The chrome extension itself shows you the profiles of people you looked for. Just add them all or pick and choose your prospects. This list you create will also show up on your AeroLeads Dashboard.

Aeroleads Chrome Extension

Start pampering your prospects

Once you use the chrome extension to add your prospects or manuall add them to your prospects list (you also have an option to create as many lists as you like), you’d see the names, email addresses, and social profiles pulled up automatically.

prospects list

Your prospects are ready to be pampered. If you do sales right, you should now be engaging with them actively (by email, phone, or through social) even before you are ready to sell anything.

Directly find Company Info

find company info

Chances are that you already know who you want to reach out to. For instance, if you are in the B2B space, your prospects are companies and it’s particularly hard to find the right person inside a company.

Use the “Companies” tab on AeroLeads to enter company names or URLs to find all the prospects within those companies you want to target.

AeroMail, anyone?

As on today, AeroLeads also lets you send out emails to your prospects (In bulk or individually, as shown below.

This is a great option if you want to track outgoing prospecting emails or outreach emails within the same system.

Have you used AeroLeads? Let me know what you think.