With the likes of Snappa, Canva, and many other graphic design tools available today, there’s no dearth of help. It also looks like designers would have to do something more to offer than just plain, vanilla design.

As if the entire spectrum of existing tools aren’t enough, Adobe can’t be too far from the action, can it?

Adobe has never ever been short of some of the most amazing products ever. I am aware that popular products like Photoshop and Illustrator are a “must have” for any designer, marketer, and illustrator worth their collective selves.

Yet, Adobe is also on the receiving end sometimes, just because it’s popular and we’ll let that be for a while.

The news from Adobe’s stable is the brand new Adobe Spark that lets you pour some life on usually static files you end up creating. Since most marketers are pressed for time and because doing fancy graphics and videos is just not up everyone’s capacity, Adobe spark helps you whip up some amazing creatives that you could use to update social media accounts, spice up your blog posts, or even create many other content assets.

Adobe claims that you can create social graphics, web stories, and animated videos with Adobe Spark, and that’s obviously welcome.

It’s a light-weight, quick application that allows you to sync your iOS devices with your computer so that you can create your graphics whenever inspiration strikes. Titled as Spark Post, Spark Page, and Spark video, you can create amazing graphics, whip up engaging web stories, and also create compelling animated videos to let you tell stories better.

Here’s a quick look at the Adobe Spark inspiration gallery that gives you a quick head start on what kind of graphics, web stories, and videos you can create. Adobe Spark also comes with beautiful typography (Adobe’s TypeKit helps here), and it also has professional themes you can tweak instead of wasting time creating stuff from scratch.

While you are at it, be sure to follow the #SparkMade hashtag to get a roving account of updates as creative assets are produced, worldwide.