These are good times to live in, to do business, and to get online. For businesses and small business owners, there have never been so many tools to get better at the trade.

It all started with software. Then came along open source. With the cloud moving in as a phenomenon, we have access to tools that’d transform your business overnight.

The rise of Saas Applications, mobile apps, and software — affordable & accessible — small businesses can work like large businesses, your business could go global at the drop of hat, and staff can be sourced from all over the world. And, did we mention that there’s incredible talent that’s affordable today?

With too many options available for software, web tools, and cloud-based tools, we are pampered and spoilt for choice. As the number of tools grow, it becomes difficult to choose the right solutions for your business in the first place.

As of now, without really knowing, you live at a time when technology can almost eliminate the need for people. This isn’t just happening in automobile factories alone; it’s all over the world, and it’s happening at a scale we never saw before.

Work that humans used to do is now done better by software, tools, and apps. That’s cloud computing for you.

This is the era of do-it-yourself. As a busy entrepreneur, you have a choice: hire someone to do something for you or get a tool that allows you to do it for you.

Website builders now let you build websites, just like that. You have a bevy of tools to help you with graphic design. WordPress hosting has gone world-class (and managed). You have lead generation tools, sales tools, and recruiting tools. You also have apps for possibly everything – from office security to payroll management; from content marketing outreach to social media management.

If “there’s an app for that”, this is the blog for that app.

The trouble with a blog like this, or any blog that talks about all these different tools that more or less do the same thing is that you’d be spoilt for choice. You have so many different tools competing with each other that it becomes impossible (and maybe you’ll develop cold feet) to just pick up a web-based tool, a SaaS product, or a piece of software and just run with it.

As a result, you’ll end up reading up about new tools all the time (I am not complaining), signing up for free trials for a variety of tools, and you’ll even end up purchasing paid plans to “test” things out.

The ultimate reason for this blog’s existence is to help you avoid that hassle, save time, and get to the the very few tools you’d ever have to consider, no matter which personal use or business function you’d like to improve as a result of using the said tool.

I am trying to do a framework of sorts to help organize and create workflows to test out as many tools as possible in the shortest possible time. Since most of the reviews, introductions, posts, write ups, and insights are mostly about business apps, business tools, SaaS products, and software, I also have founders, co-founders, teams, startups, and many others reaching out to me with plenty of collateral (which I can use to help write better). is an online magazine that ventures into the big world of web based and cloud based tools. We explore every worthy tool available, break in, analyze, review, and comment. We send out emails to founders of software and web-based tools to get primary access to their tools (often in beta access) and then write out detailed reviews, opinions, and facts.

Publishing on the Internet wouldn’t be fun without a bit of intelligent opinion thrown around, would it? We also feature opinion pieces, columns, expert views, Interviews, and plenty of other content that you can benefit from.

At the outset, thank you for coming over and checking us out. We hope that we can provide you information that you can use, benefit and profit from.

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