7 Awesome tools
It’s a cool, tool world out there today. I discover at least one new tool everyday I set out to browse. My “to review” list grows by the day and I can’t seem to get enough of writing about tools – old and new. So, you won’t see me stopping anytime soon and that brings me to the topic at hand.

Here are some cool, awesome tools you should consider for your business:

Quill Engage by Narrative Science

Let’s take a pop quiz: when was the last time you buried your head into Google Analytics? In case you did, what did you understand really apart from the really nice way GA reports daily traffic, unique visits, drop offs, bounce rates, and other data?

Unless you are a seasoned marketing professional or a certified Google Analytics professional, there’d be nothing you gathered from that “I buried my head into a sea of data scenario” feeling.

Quill Engage, on the other hand, is your handy number cruncher, mentor, and a good friend who’d do all the nasty work of reading your data. It then sends you a report you’d read through and understand (since it’s in English).

My bet is that my mom would understand what Quill Engage sends out each week or month too.


Customer service is hard as it is. If you use software or a web-based tool to help you manage your customer service workflow, this ought to make your job easier (not harder). Unfortunately, a few tools make it harder than it should be. Either you’ll be burdened with an extra piece of workflow to manage or you have more emails to handle.

I am not writing that tools such as Zendesk or Desk.com ( now owned by salesforce.com) are bad per say, because they aren’t. It’s just that these tools aren’t built for every business.

Sometimes, depending on the way you manage your business, you need something far simpler. That’s when you’d find The Hiverr App indispensible.

It’s a plugin that sits tight with your regular Gmail. Using Hiverr, your inbox doubles up as a customer service, sales, and a collaboration tool.


When was the last time you looked for advice on business, branding, and lead generation? It’s easy not to look for advice – especially on digital marketing and branding – since there’s so much information available already. What’s not available is the solution to your specific problem.

If you went browsing on any given day, you’d find articles on ecommerce (you are barely getting started). You’d find information on “optimizing Paid Campaigns” when you are just an individual blogger or a small business owner looking to wet your beak.

It so happens that you’d do well with customized information. That’s what Ampervize aims to give you through its questionnaires. Depending on what you’d like to know about specifically with respect to online marketing or digital marketing, pick a questionnaire, select what’s relevant to you, and get your instant advice.

Pop comes in the genius.

Jellop CPL Calculator

PPC and any paid campaign could quickly turn disastrous if you have no idea what you are doing. Plus, there’s constant optimization, tweaking, analyzing, and then launching again.

On top of it all, you have the cost. Campaigns can turn expensive quickly and it always pays to know what you spend Vs ROI, overall lead acquisition costs, lifetime value of customers, etc.

For PPC though, logging into Bing Ads or Google AdWords is pain. However, you might still want a quick check on what costs on your campaigns would be with specific parameters such as Cost Per Lead. Jellop is an easy to use calculator that you can use to optimize your PPC/SEM campaigns. No signups needed. Giving away your email is optional. You can Jellop, just like that.

Signals From HubSpot

Every email you send out is a potential lead generation vehicle. In the rush for glamorous things like digital marketing campaigns, retargeting spends, social ads, and a lot more, it’s easy to forget that a bulk of your communication with potential clients (for instance) is still through email. If you ever wanted a tool to help you glean powerful insights on your email recipients, see Signals from HubSpot. It helps you see who opens your emails (live tracking and notifications) and also know how many times your recipients opened the email, the devices used, and from where.

Of course, you can schedule emails to be sent later. Get complete details of your recipients right on your inbox, while connecting to a CRM like HubSpot (obviously) and Salesforce.com.


How about a quick, free, and a in-depth SEO audit? If you knee deep into digital marketing, you already know that SEO is one of the major considerations. WooRank helps you check for multiple points (the kind of ones you’d easily miss) that you’d have to consider for SEO. Plus, their blog is full of insightful posts such as this one from Paul Boyce on What you know about Bounce Rate on Google Analytics is wrong.


Say, you are on Twitter and someone started following you or maybe someone Retweeted your tweet or adding you to a list. What do you do? You might say “thank you” or “I am thrilled”.

”Thank you” is a little too cold in the already icy vibe that social media has got and “I am thrilled” screams “me me” all over.

You can do more than that: use Connect6 and you’ll almost get nuggets of information just by hovering on any profile on social media (hovering on email recipients also brings up their data).

Using connect6, you’d get insights about people in seconds. So, instead of saying “Thank you”, you could say “Thank you, Jane. How is the new Reiki business going?”

You get the idea, don’t you?

Which of these cool tools do you use? Can you share some tools I could have missed? Pour out your comments. I can’t wait to hear from you.