Month: December 2016

Snappa: A Super-fast Way to Design Social Media Graphics

Jesse Mawhinney of HubSpot listed several stats related to social media but with a twist — these stats relate how important graphics and visuals are for your social media activity. The way those social networks are built, sharing and updating on social media is never complete without graphics. Consider this, thanks to Jesse and Xerox: — Color boosts readers’ attention spans and recall by a whopping 82%. — Visuals can help gain your readership by 80% — Visuals help retain memory and makes impressions that are 39% more memorable. According to LifeLearn, More than 30% of our brain activity...

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BookMark: A Terrific New Website Builder (+Free Lessons)

I don’t how or why but off late, I’ve been seeing more and more web builders online (and that’s a good thing). Since we build websites for clients as a part of our services, we aren’t complaining. In fact, we are pampered. Only recently, I write about Tilda (and I maintain that it’s a DIY website builder worth your consideration). I come across new ways to build websites, almost everyday. Truly, my prediction that web designers who only want to design websites for clients and wash their hands off aren’t going to survive. I just realized, however, that there’s...

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Monarch Social Media Plugin: The Social Media Bad Boy

You know that social media is big. It gets you traffic, it’s your opportunity to have conversations with your blog readers, potential customers, existing customers, investors, and vendors. If your blog is your publishing platform, all of our chosen social networks are your amplification and networking platforms. But for most of you reading this blog, generating traffic comes as a priority and if you are using WordPress, there’s nothing else out there like Monarch. Monarch Plugin by Elegant Themes — which is known for its popular Divi Builder 3.0 and the Divi theme — is the cleanest, meanest, baddest...

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Tilda: A New Way To Build Websites For Marketing

Do you hate WordPress? Do you think WordPress sucks? You are not alone. Although WordPress happens to be the most popular CMS, it’s also the most susceptible. Don’t get wrong. I love WordPress, my digital marketing agency website is on WordPress, and I’d still swear by it. Sometimes, however, your business might not need WordPress. It might need any of the DIY builders that have been making appearances often. We already wrote about quite a few DIY builders that are already popular. Recently, however, I came across a fantastic DIY website builder called Tilda. Now, there are a lot...

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