Month: December 2016

Grammarly: Powering The Written Word

What you write determines where you’ll end up. At least, that’s what it looks like today given that a vast majority of us end up consuming information both online and offline. If you are in business, you’d need to have a web presence. If you do have a web presence, the only way to make that count is by the written word. Presentations, reports, emails, blog posts, articles, and even your social media updates require you to write well and powerfully. If you are about to write a novel or a memoir, you’d need even more help. To write...

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PushCrew: Build a Following With Just a Browser

Want to build a mobile app for your business? It’s only getting harder to get more mobile app users to download your app. Likewise, it’s also getting hard to build a list. Everyone in business likes to believe that the real money lies in your email list. You’d want to work towards building your mailing list. If you do have a mobile app, you’d want to work to increase your user base. You’d need your website to be more engaging, more purposeful, and more useful than ever. A mobile app has two important characteristics when it comes to user...

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Canva Just Got Better: Embeds, Websites, & Charts

Chances are that you are already using Canva for creating graphics of all kinds, on the fly. I’ve written extensively on graphic design tools for non-tech entrepreneurs, busy social media managers, and positively everyone who needs visuals. Visuals, we’ve established, we do need. Canva makes designing Social media backgrounds, social media graphics, banner ads, brochures, flyers, posters, eBook covers, and almost any other design you might need for your business. The company recently announced a smashing new release with their “charts”, “Canva Websites”, and a way to share them as links or embed these designs into WordPress or any...

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Rabbut: Grab Email Subscribers From Everywhere (Almost)

Are you a blogger, entrepreneur, or a publisher doing all you can to try to get traffic and build your email list? It so happens that you’d be putting in hours — if not days — to crank all that content out and to make that content marketing for work you. Content marketing (and that includes blogging, publishing on LinkedIn, and publishing on Medium) is 20% writing and 80% promotion. A lot depends on how well you write, the audience you’ll build for your content, how you capture your audience into a funnel (I didn’t want to call it...

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10 Tools To Get More Leads From Your Website

Note: This is an infographic by Dave Mooring — marketing specialist, Founder and President of BurlapSky,SuperSimpl, a professional services marketing consultancy, and co-founder of the Business Growth Network and the North Carolina Podcasting Meetup. Most websites are built almost as if there was no other reason for the website to be up, than just be up. It makes me cringe to see so many small business websites being set up but most of those websites don’t work the way they should. Your website should: Help build your brand Make a statement about you or your business Get more leads...

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