Month: October 2016

Nuage: A Brand New Way to Manage Domains

When was the last time you actually remembered when to renew your domain name? Now, that question pertains to you if you have just one domain name to manage. What if you had several domains, spread across multiple registrars? Or are you depending on those respective registrars to actually remind you to renew your domains? If you said yes, you are walking a thin line. If you have multiple domains and assuming each of those is of any importance to you, it’s really a pain to remember multiple recurring dates. As if each of the dates for paying up...

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Vizia: Making Video Work For Everyone

As of today, video isn’t fancy. It’s not a choice anymore. It’s powerful, it’s great for narrating stories, and it’s incredibly effective for marketing, branding, communicating, and more. For instance, according to this infographic from Hubspot, a simple video in email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click through rates. Including video on a landing page can crease conversions by 80%. If you took the trouble to combine full-page ads with video, you can boost engagement by 22%. More than 64% of users are likely to buy a product after watching a video. By the end of this...

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Usabili Me: How To Connect With Customers Faster

It’s easy to get loaded with so much technology sometimes that we miss the most important reason you are in business. If it wasn’t for your customers, there’d be no business. Not to mention that we also have to take care of a slew of things we need to do just to ensure survival for our business. Often times, things get lost. Our focus can be distorted. Customer connect would then only seem nice to write on company agenda and a great trigger for useless meetings. It doesn’t have to be that way. You’d need to get away from...

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Unbounce Releases Embeddable CTA Feature (Beta)

You know pop-ups are important. It’s another thing that it’s debatable whether or not they are effective. Marketers who use pop-ups well, however, are almost always rewarded. OptinMonster, SumoMe, and a few other popular tools give you plenty of options for designing pop ups for you to maximize your chances of getting leads, newsletter signups, or regular lead signups from your website or blog. Unbounce has been a popular choice (and it’s the best) when it comes to building landing pages on the fly, without depending on IT teams. In a spate of many new releases over the past few months including features like Lightboxes on Landing pages, an improved UX/UI layout, and a much faster engine for helping you to build landing pages even faster, Unbounce’s latest release is a very important one, from a marketing standpoint. released Embeddable CTA’s — much like pop-ups but linked to your Unbounce account where you’d have already setup a way to draw in leads to popular email autoresponder services such as Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor. With the new Embeddable CTA feature, your pop-ups can show up on any website (or Unbounce landing pages themselves) and you now capture leads which can be linked to your existing marketing automation setup. Here’s how a custom-made Unbounce Embeddable CTA looks like: You have the option of using many existing templates, right off the...

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Riyo: A New Way To Power Your Services Business

Do you have a service business? Are you already suffering the technician’s burnout with your service offerings? If you run service businesses like IT & computer repairs, healthcare, aged care, pet care, gardening, landscaping, Automobile services, Consulting, home removals, or possibly any kind of service, the chances are that you are already struggling to bridge the gap between your own customers and your services. Plus, as with everything else in business, it’s never going to get any easier once you are on the entrepreneurial path. Riyo offers end-to-end solutions for a hue variety of services. The web-based solution intends...

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